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Why Is Golf the Hardest Sport?

As easy as it may seem, golf has many quirks and intricacies that actually make it a difficult sport to deal with. From the focus it requires, the distances that need to be traveled within the course, to all of the micro-adjustments to be done before a shot, they all add up to the activity we love so much: golf.

Here we are going to show you the different reasons why golf is such a complex sport, and what skills are needed to master the discipline.

Playing Golf Requires Various Skills

Flexibility Is Needed

An adequate range of motion is a requirement when referring to the execution of perfect swings. The amounts of rotation and twisting the torso undergoes are notorious.

Power Is Key

If you have a weak drive, chances are you are lacking in the strength department. Powerful swings and long walks are best served with a spoonful of strength in the upper body, core, and legs.

Control Is of the Essence

Very few sports call for the precision that golf does. It is a sport where every single millimeter and every single body movement counts. If you crack under pressure, this sport may be a tough cookie to crack.

Physical Requirements Are Underestimated

One reigning stereotype for golfers is the one that they are usually middle-aged, wealthy men with generous bellies. While some players do fall under this category to an extent, pro golfers in general pay lots of attention to their overall conditioning.

Considering they have to practice for many hours, and their bodies have to endure long hours of play, elite golf players don’t take their bodies for granted and always try to find ways to gain a competitive advantage in this field.

If you want to become a fruitful golf player, even as a weekend warrior, you mustn’t overlook your overall health.

Golf Clubs Have Different Shapes and Sizes

The variety of both design and quantity of clubs may find the new golfer dumbfounded. You will be amazed by the amounts of clubs that are put into use at any given golf game.

On average, the typical golfer employs from 12 to 14 clubs, all varying in length, clubhead, and uses. Generally speaking, longer clubs make for more powerful swings, due to having more leverage. Hence, they are mostly utilized for long shots across the course.

Another point for variation is the loft (incline of the clubface in comparison to the ground) the clubs possess. The more pronounced the loft, the sharper the shot angle is going to be. However, you need to be careful, because the more prominent the loft, the more backspin the ball will have. This saps power away from the shot. You must always pick your clubs right.

Shots Are Not Similar to One Another

As you can notice, the varying use of golf clubs makes for different combinations that will define the shot output. This means that each shot is different from one another. 

When it comes to player differences, each player has their own style of swinging and putting. Personal body traits such as height, weight, dominant hand, technique, and levels of strength and conditioning shape the quality of the shots.

Clubs also come into play here, as these will also mold the way in which a golfer performs actions, meaning that with the different variables the outcome of the shot will certainly be affected.

As crazy as it may seem, weather and terrain also play a major role in the result. For example, if players are playing on a windy day, they also have to calculate their shot better to make amends with the strong wind currents. Needless to say that when playing a ball on an uneven surface, the shot will also need to be modified more than when launching the ball from a totally flat surface.

Different Rules Apply For Players

This may come across to you as unfair, but the reality is that there is a notion in golf that evens out (pun intended) the field for golfers: handicap. The concept of handicap consists of the number of shots each player has for each round. i.e., the number of shots they need to put the ball in the hole.

As it can be deducted, the lower the handicap, the more skilled the player is expected to be. This is because they must get the job done with fewer shots than players with more handicap, even if they are playing in the same golf course.

So, next time you are playing with somebody at amateur or even pro level, fret not. Handicap is the rule that has your back.

Golf Demands Practice

You may be tempted to think that you can head to the nearest course, do some swings, and get the ball inside the hole nice and easy. If you think this way, you are far off from the truth.

Golf is a sport that requires long hours of practice, and constant repetition of movement patterns. The reason is that under pressure, people tend to fail. Practicing a swing or a putt for many hours on end will reduce the chances of failing the shot in competition. Provided you are doing it correctly, practice can and will make a difference in the quality of your game.

Golf Is Psychological in Nature

Golf is a sport that holds a strong psychological component. If you are one that has difficulties with putting up with pressure, golf could get somewhat hard. Gaining and maintaining focus while performing surgical movements can be taxing on the mind.

Many players at elite levels are insanely talented and do wonderfully well in practice, but when it’s showtime they come up short. 

However, playing golf can make your thought process better, and make you develop tolerance to frustration and pressure. If you give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Golf Is an Amazing Sport

Golf will make you a better person all around as long as you give it a go. You will gain health, body conditioning, a higher tolerance threshold for pressure and frustration, and a newfound activity that you can either enjoy on your own, or in the company of other people. If you want to discover the benefits golf has to offer, go to to check the extra tips and products we have for you in store.

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