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The Top 10 Golf Courses in Australia

Australia is known for its amazing beaches, beautiful nature, and exciting terrain. However, there is much more to see and do. One thing that Australia has are great golf courses. Yes, that’s right, you can play golf down under too! 

If you are an avid golfer and live in or are visiting Australia, then you should know where to go to play. There are plenty of places to choose from, but if you are looking for the best golf courses in Australia, then continue reading this post. Finding a good course to play golf on is as important as what equipment you play with.

Now, if you are in Australia or planning to visit and want to play some golf while down there, then here is a list of the top 10 golf courses for you to choose from. 

  1. Royal Melbourne West- This course is number one across many lists of the top golf courses in Australia. It is a private members club and has been around since 1891. It’s beautiful land, incredible design, and superb construction have made it Australia’s number one golf course for over a century. There are at least 10 outstanding holes on the course, including six that are world-class.
  2. Cape Wickham - Located on the northwestern tip of KingsIsland, Cape Wickham is one of Australia’s most spectacular golf courses. The holes on this golf course are grouped into three main sections: the first 5 are laid across what locals know as Cape Farewell (on the western headland), the next section is located through the central section along the intricate southern dunes, and the final 5 are located in the lighthouse loop, ending along Victoria Cove Beach. There are 8 holes that run right along the coastline and a few more where the green appears to run directly into the water.
  3. Kingston Heath - This Australian course is another option located in Melbourne. Designed by the same person who designed number 1 on our list (Royal Melbourne), Dr. Alister MacKenzie, all of Kingston Heath’s 15 holes are outstanding. With some strong par fours and par fives, the entire course is as challenging as it is beautiful. Its strategic layout is able to be played by all, however, it demands precision and concentration from the professional looking to score birdies. Its ageless design and excellent bunkering are what make this course one of the best in Australia.
  4. Barnbougle Dunes - Opening in 2004, this golf course brought the excitement of the sport to the southerly most part of Australia and put Tasmania in the game. Mostly spread throughout dense valleys, there are several unforgettable holes, including the “evil” 7th hole that is a 120-yard par 3 and swings back into dominating winds and runs into a small green surrounded by steep banks. This course is set in dramatic dunes and a beautiful beachside and it boasts naturally rugged bunkers and eccentric greens. This course is definitely one-of-a-kind.
  5. New South Wales GC - Overlooking South Botany Bay, this spectacular course is situated on rugged cliffs of Sydney’s Le Perouse headland. Again, Dr. Alister MacKenzie was asked to design this course, though there have been several changes to it since then. The entire course is full of stunning views and boasts a series of dramatic holes along, over, and through hills and valleys toward the coastline. Of the holes that were altered, the Apperly par threes are among the most famous set of short holes in Sydney. With a large number of outstanding holes, this course is one that you won’t soon forget.
  6. Barnbougle Lost Farm - Built among the tallest sand hills on the Barnbougle site, the designer’s concern with playability and his desire to build something that complimented the area made this course one to remember. With dunes that are taller than the ones found at Barnbougle Dunes and valleys that are wider, this course offers a different feel. The time and effort the designer put into this course is easily seen and the course is simply beautiful. There are several glamour holes at Lost Farm and if you play with precision and accuracy, you may just score a birdie. However, if you are off your game, it will definitely show on this course, as the terrain can make it somewhat difficult.
  7. Royal Melbourne East - Because of the distribution of land, the Royal Melbourne East course differs greatly from the West course. The holes are played in a single loop away from the club house and across three separate allotments. It begins and ends on the main site and the closing stretch is outstanding. While there are several highlights on the course, the 10th hole stands out because of its cross-bunkering and the 12th’s approach involves moving through a saddle of sand. This uniquely designed course is a definite must-play.
  8. Peninsula Country Golf Club North - This course stands out because it challenges with subtlety instead of length. While the par threes run in all different directions, the par fours slope up and down across the dunes. Because of Melbourne’s changing winds, the variety of the course is its greatest asset. This course is a lot of fun and offers a change-up of looped courses.
  9. Royal Adelaide - This course is off beat and different than other courses you will find in Australia. Known for its original short par four 3rd hole, perhaps the best short par four anywhere in the world, the course is built upon an abundance of sand. Eleven greens have been rebuilt since its original construction, but the course remains unique in its design.
  10.  Victoria GC - The layout of this course includes a collection of fine holes laid across a rolling landscape. Beautiful and somewhat reminiscent of its neighboring club, Royal Melbourne (though on a smaller scale), this course is one of Australia’s most elite.

When looking for an amazing course to play on in Australia, be sure to check out these 10 places. They are sure to meet your expectations and, perhaps, even exceed them.

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