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The Best Golf Irons for 2021

As you step on your favourite course and consider the shot that you are going to take and which golf club is best suited to take you there. There is yet another decision that you made previously, before ever stepping onto the green, that could be the make or break factor in the success of your technique: Your choice of golf club.

Each player will have different purposes for purchasing their irons. You may be a seasoned player and would want an iron that is meant specifically to you. If you are looking to level up your game, however, you may be looking for a game-improvement option. Whichever stage you are in, it is wise to consider the different options that are available to you for your specific golf game.

With that in mind, let's review the best golf irons available today, You can find our list of the top golf clubs and their listed features below.

What to Keep in Mind when Choosing Your Golf Clubs

As you scroll through this blog and discover the top golf clubs we recommend, consider these factors: what is your level of experience thus far, do you have a handicap to address, are you golfing on a budget, are you looking for something to supplement your weight-transfer tendencies imid swing?

Back2Basics wants you to have a golf club that suits you in every area. This blog provides you with the essential information, but services provided by the Back2Basics team will give you an intuitive approach to your needs as a golfer.

TaylorMade SIM2 Irons 2021

This model is made with the betterment of your shots in mind. A new cap design that can only be described as revolutionary helps players improve their game. Along with Optimized CG placement to deliver a high launching ball, and a softer ECHO® Damping System to absorb unwanted vibrations, this model is right-biased as you have experienced with other irons; it will provide a more neutral balance.

Other features include a fluted hosel, 360° undercut, ultra-thin face, ultra-low CV engineering. If you are fantasizing about taking better shots, this is simply the best option for you.



Mizuno JPX-900 Forged Iron Set

This option will satisfy a wide range of golfing needs. A quality product, reinforced with boron and a multi-thickness face, you will have noticeably faster hits. The specific engineering of this iron providing weight redistribution for the purpose of optimized power.

If you’re looking at multiple options and feeling like you would like something that addresses multiple needs, then the Mizuno will serve you well.


The Callaway Rogue X

If you’re a beginner, please read on because this golf club is right for you!

As you are likely to be taking some pretty big swings with your developing golf game, you will find a friend in this option as it won’t be too hard on you; the Callaway pulls your center of gravity lower, as the shaft is longer and the club is lighter.

Being a beginner shouldn’t hinder you from having a great game in the process. Let the Callaway Rogue X make your transition into regular golfing, smoother for you. 



Wilson Staff D300 Irons

A surprisingly affordable option, given the long distances it will supply your game, you will love this option for your technique and your wallet.

This iron will go the distance for you when you hit more in the center, but also won’t punish you if you hit the ball slightly off-center.



Wilson Velocity HDX golf club

Golf is certainly an expensive game, and luckily, the Wilson Velocity is a great top-choice option that won’t break the bank.

These golf irons are best suited for you if you have a bit more experience with your golf game. Specific characteristics include their low center of gravity and a simple head design that will smoothly sweep across the fairway grass.



Intech’s Lancer Junior Golf Clubs

Are you introducing your kids to the game? Take Intech’s golf clubs into consideration, as they offer your kids flexible options to practice with.

The clubs are intentionally made lighter, so they will be perfect for any junior putter who wants to stay in the game.



TaylorMade Speedblade Golf Clubs

Here are some of the lowest center of gravity among TaylorMade clubs, and at a very affordable price.

The advanced head structure and multi-material badge make this a very popular option as golfers find them remarkably easy to use.



Callaway Big Bertha OS

Here we have the best option for mid-handicappers. Unique Callaway factors include the 360 Face Cup, tungsten–loaded standing waves, a progressive center of gravity technology. This all leads to gifting you with a better center of gravity.



Cobra King Forged TEC Black Irons

Aesthetically pleasing with its striking black finish, this club will excite you with the sudden extra distance you will discover in your game.

The Cobra King uses steel engineering with longer distances in mind. There is also tungsten available in both the heel and toe of the club, helping you maintain the correctness of your swing. And carbon fiber inserts absorb unnecessary vibration, directing the energy towards the direct aim of your swing.



Titleist 718 AP3

Here is a fantastic option for low handicap players. The Titleist 718 AP3 golf clubs are for professional players and low handicap players alike.

Helping to control any of your swings which are a little off-center, this club will help you lower your center of gravity and add more consistency to your game. With the utilization of a steel face insert in its lower irons to its 6-iron option. There is also tungsten in the heel and toe of the 718 AP3 long irons.



Cobra Radspeed Irons

You’re looking for ball speed, but do you also require a bit of forgiveness? This new addition to the lineup will reward you with incredible ball speeds and fantastic forgiveness. The ultra spin levels don’t hurt either. With aspects such as radial weighting, you’ll discover a nice balance between forgiveness and ball speed. It’s a well-rounded addition that will fit nicely with your golf club line-up.



Judge Founders Golf Sets

Not necessarily the newest addition in the line-up you’re finding in this article, but a worthy addition if you are a beginner looking for a great option to suit your developing game. With maximum distance in mind, but also a great deal of forgiveness, this Judge Founders golf set will give you a great head start.



Confidence Hybrid Golf Sets

As we love adding beginners to the golfing game, here is another option to help make your transition to regular golfing easier. It’s also an incredibly affordable option, but you won’t sacrifice quality. With quality materials, and suitable engineering for beginning sensibilities, this may not be the most popular option in general, but you won’t be disappointed. Choose this golf set for its affordability, but stay for its comfort and quality. 

There you have it—a great selection of top golf clubs for any need imaginable. BacktoBasics for golf is your go-to location to purchase the perfect golf club for your game. We’re on hand to discuss any further needs you have in regards to your game, and we can run you through any further information you need.

Get in touch with us here if you have any questions. We’d love to hear which golf club stands out to you the most and why. 


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