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What is a Hybrid Golf Club and How Are They Different?

In their beginning, hybrid clubs were often used as ‘rescue’ clubs. They may be used in a ‘pinch,’ but were generally not relied on. At this point, these clubs are largely regarded as the clubs of the future. They have risen in popularity and made a reputation for themselves in the golf universe.

The term hybrid is used to describe items that are a mixture of two or more things. Hybrid products are often designed in an attempt to offer users the maximum amount of benefits. The idea is that the user can benefit from each individual thing. 

Hybrid golf clubs were designed with this idea in mind. Hybrid golf clubs are crafted with both wood and iron. This combination offers golfers the familiarity of an iron club and the distance, or forgiveness, offered by wood.

The Problem

These hybrid golf clubs were designed to solve a couple of problems many golfers face. The awkwardness of the small head and long shaft of iron golf clubs often inconveniences golfers and results in unsatisfactory outcomes. Wood is often used as an alternative, but the shafts are typically far too long. Hybrid golf clubs were introduced as an alternative to these two options. 

The Design of a Hybrid

The head of a hybrid club is often made of steel, but shaped similarly to the head of a wooden club. The hybrid club’s head features a convex shape based on the wooden club’s shape. This feature is what provides the golfer with greater forgiveness when shooting the ball.

This convex shape allows the club to straighten out a shot, should the golfer hit the ball off-center. The hollow attribute of the head, allows the golf ball to spring off the surface and travel greater distances.

The back resembles that of an iron club. Wooden clubs tend to have longer backs, whereas a hybrid’s back is shorter. The angle, shaft length, and weight of the hybrid club are almost exact to the loft of the same iron club.

Selecting a Hybrid Club

There are a few things to consider before selecting a hybrid club. First, consider the clubs you currently have. Is there a specific club you are looking to replace, or do you attain an entire set of hybrid clubs?

In general, hybrid clubs are typically used to replace fairway woods three to five and iron sizes three and four. Female golfers often replace their five’s. Iron’s one, two, and seven are very rarely replaced. While you may wish to own an entire set of hybrid clubs, it is more likely that you want to replace one or two of them. You may still need an iron to get you out of the rough, should you happen to end up there. 

After determining which clubs you need to replace, determine the lofts of those clubs. Knowing the desired lofts will assist you in selecting the appropriate hybrid club. Keep in mind that hybrid clubs tend to force the golf ball a farther distance, even if they feature the same loft.

Once you’ve accomplished both of these tasks, you are ready to select your hybrid club or clubs.

Hybrid Vs. Iron Clubs

The key difference between hybrid and iron clubs is in the way they hit. Hybrid clubs are a new option available to golfers that can replace their old iron clubs. A hybrid’s club head is deeper than an iron’s club head but more shallow than a wooden club head.

This specified depth pushes back the center of gravity of the club when compared to an iron. This element allows golfers to get air on their hits. The golf ball will travel much higher as it launches into the air. It also provides the ball with some backspin as it lands. This backspin prevents the ball from rolling as much when it hits the green.

These benefits can be used on the course. Imagine hitting the ball a great distance with very little roll out. It is often possible to get the ball on the green on the first hit. Unfortunately, after the ball hits the ground, it continues to move and may roll right off of the green. When you use a hybrid, this outcome is less likely.

The Benefits of Hybrid Clubs

More and more golfers are turning to hybrid clubs. This transition is largely due to the combined benefits of distance and forgiveness offered by hybrid golf clubs. Prior to the use of hybrid clubs, these two benefits could not be provided by the same club. Iron clubs could provide forgiveness, but it came at a loss to distance. Wooden clubs were the opposite, they could offer you the distance but lacked forgiveness. The hybrid club is the solution to this issue. 

Another benefit offered by hybrid clubs is a balanced club face. The club face of hybrid clubs is smaller than that of an iron club. This smaller clubface allows for more accurate hitting. A golfer is more likely to hit an accurate and centered shot when using a hybrid club.

Wrapping Up

Hybrid golf clubs are another option golfer’s can add to their golf bag. They offer the user many benefits with very few downsides. These clubs can offer a golfer distance, accuracy, forgiveness, and flexibility. These benefits have caused the hybrid golf club to rise in popularity and improve the game of most average golfers.

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