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What is Proper Golf Course Etiquette?

Are you interested in learning the game of golf? Or perhaps you’ve been golfing for a while but are still figuring out the odds and ends of the game. Well, other than actually how to play the game, there are a few other things that are important to learn in golf. 

Golf, while not a contact sport, is played with other players. And just like with any other multiplayer sport, there are some rules that must be followed. Golf etiquette is extremely important to know when playing the game. How you treat others on the green and how you treat your equipment and the game itself is extremely important. There are many rules to abide by when playing golf.

Not sure what rules we are referring to? Continue reading to learn the rules of golf etiquette. If you abide by these rules, you are sure to have a lovely time and cause the other players to enjoy themselves as well. Let’s look at some golf etiquette rules. We will break it down into three categories: before the game, during the game, and after the game.

Before The Game 

  • Dress the part. T-shirts and jeans should not be worn on the green. Appropriate apparel includes:
  • Collared polo shirts
  • Knee-length shorts or full-length pants
  • A belt
  • Soft spike golf shoes
  • Show up early. No matter who you are golfing with, be it your best friend or your boss or a potential client, you should always show up to the course at least 15 minutes (if not 20-30 minutes) early. This gives you enough time to check in and be ready to go by tee time. This also gives you time to warm up and get in a few practice putts before starting. It is important not to show up late, as it can put a damper on the game because you feel rushed to get through the first few holes.
  • Decide who tees off first. As teeing off first on the first hole can be somewhat nerve wracking, deciding who goes first can be a bit tricky. An easy way to do this that many golfers know about and use as their guide to the order of teeing off is that each golfer stands in a circle and one person throws a tee up into the air in the middle of the circle. Once it lands, whoever it is facing goes first. You can continue to do this until the whole line up has a set order for the first hole. Another way to do this is the person who is ready to go first should go. Whether they want to go first or not, getting the game going on time is important.

During The Game

  • Be quiet while others are hitting the ball. If someone is talking while a person is taking a shot, it can be incredibly distracting. That is why it is important for all players who are not playing at that exact moment to stand still and silently. Paying attention to the other golfers you are playing with and knowing when they are hitting the ball is important. You wouldn’t like it if someone was distracting you during your shot, would you? Well, others don’t care for it too much either. Pause your conversation and you can resume it again later. Also, be conscious of other players hitting the ball while you are walking or driving a golf cart. Stopping and waiting is polite and the favor will be returned to you, later.
  • Choose the correct tee box for your skill level. It doesn’t matter where the other members of your group are teeing off, make sure you tee off from the tee box appropriate for your skill level.
  • Be aware of your pace. You should take your time during a game, but try not to be too slow. When you are moving at a slow pace, the other golfers behind you have to wait for a long time and then the game gets backed up. Nobody likes to wait a long time for their turn. Plus, other groups might catch up to you and then the game would really be backed up. If you happen to be a slow golfer and that is just your game, then allow following fast players to play through.
  • Pay attention to where you stand. While others are golfing, it can be a big distraction if someone is standing too close to them. No one likes a hoverer. So think about your position and make sure you are not in the way.
  • Always repair divots on the fairway and pitch marks on the green. Be sure to have the courtesy to repair any damage to the fairway or green you may cause. It is normal for divots and pitch marks to be left after a swing or a putt, but make sure you fix them (thoroughly) for the next players. You wouldn’t want to mess up their shot, just like you wouldn’t want a divot or pitch mark to mess up yours.
  • Help others look for their missing balls. One shouldn’t spend too much time looking for missing balls. This is why it helps for others to look for it. After all, two sets of eyes are better than one.
  • Note other player’s putting lines. While others are putting, be sure not to step into their putting line. This can be extremely frustrating for someone who is trying to putt. Be courteous and aware of all other players.

After The Game

  • Shake everyone’s hand. Once the game is over, win or lose, it is proper etiquette to shake each player’s hand and tell them they played a good game. You don’t want to be seen as a bad sport, do you?
  • Stay for a drink with the other players. Once the game is finished, it is typical for players to have a drink in the clubhouse.

Golf is a wonderful game and is made even better when everyone plays by the rules and has fun. If you want to know how to level up your game, see how we can help today!


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