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Ways to Protect Your Skin from the Sun on the Golf Course

Golf is an outdoor sport. You can all acknowledge that it happens that you get carried away by the thrill of playing it and forego some health concerns. One of them is not taking proper care of your skin when playing. Having one too many matches under the sun at midday can cause health problems in the long run. This is the reason why we will show you 10 tips on how to take care of your skin when playing golf.

Planning Ahead Is Essential

Usually, you determine when to go golfing by the way your schedule looks for the week. Well, even though this is important, you should also prioritize your health in other regards. If you are able to, plan ahead your golf schedule in a way that you aren't on the receiving end of the worst hours of sun exposure. 

You usually want to avoid being under the sun after noon, well until 4 p.m., or so. This is especially preponderant if you are prone to getting badly sunburnt, or have birthmarks.

Sunscreen Is Your Ally

If there is no other choice but to play during these hours, maybe you should consider applying sunscreen. Sunscreen can easily diminish the chances of absorbing harmful UV rays, as well as lower the chances of developing any kind of skin cancer.

There are many products in the market that can suit your needs, but as a rule of thumb, the higher the SPF (“Solar Protection Factor”) the better. You ought to consider getting sunscreen that is from 40 SPF onwards. The closer to noon, the more cognizant of this you have to be.

Hydrate Yourself!

Hydration is paramount across all sports disciplines and life in general too. Golf is no exception to this paradigm. If you plan to play under the sunlight, chances are your body is going to sweat much more than usual, in an attempt to cool itself off. Do it a favor by intaking the amount of water it needs to properly function.

If you don’t hydrate properly, you increase the possibility of getting a sunstroke, or in the worst-case scenario, becoming dehydrated. Dehydration can take a massive toll on the body, so you should avoid it at all costs.

Dress For the Occasion

Getting proper gear can make the world of a difference when it comes to sports performance. You may even be tempted to think that because golf is a rather low-impact sport, the body doesn't suffer the output. This is plain wrong, as long walks under the sun are one of the elements that set golf apart from other indoor sports.

Adequate garments can ensure that your skin will breathe correctly, meaning that you will perspire much less, and therefore reduce the likelihood of dehydrating or feeling adverse reactions to sun exposure.

Search For Shade

This part is particularly difficult about golf, as many courses don’t have as many trees or shadow-casting spots as you’d expect. This means that you have to be more careful if this is the context. 

Sometimes you will have the opportunity to stay under trees, tents, or even the golf cart itself. When you don’t have as much shadow to stay under, you should reconsider your playing hours or the amount of time that you are willing to play. Radiation burns are a thing, after all…

Healthy Eating Goes a Long Way

People tend not to appreciate the importance of a balanced diet. Eating different types of macronutrients, as well as consuming the required vitamins can help defend your body well. Your skin is an organ too, so this is no different. Having a healthy diet means having healthy skin too.

Consider consuming foods that are rich in collagen and beta carotenes to guard it. Some examples are chicken and carrots respectively. Another healthy snack option is fruits, especially the ones that have a lot of water content, like for example watermelons.

Use a Golf Cart

This may not be a possibility for many a golfer, but those who can, should. Walking long distances can also mean that you are bound to spend more energy. Even if this notion is predominantly beneficial, during hot days you should lower your efforts. Why? You run the risk of overheating your system. This implies being prone to feeling bad and damaging your skin due to exposure to the sun.

Get Wet If You Feel Like It

Don’t you ever feel like diving headfirst into a cold shower after a heavy golf day under the sun? This happens because you are feeling hot, most likely. You can definitely stave off some of the heat beforehand by “artificially” cooling off your skin. If you can, wet your delicate skin areas, such as the face and the neck. This is going to make you feel better, and cool down your skin.

If there are no faucets around your playing area, carrying some extra water with you is a viable option, as it will help your skin feel better when playing under the sun, especially when playing for long periods of time.

Exercise Regularly (Besides Doing Golf)

Doing regular exercise not only will it benefit your skincare routine, but you will also be a healthier human being overall! Always try to develop your general endurance, as you will be much stronger for facing hot, challenging golf sessions. As a perk, you will feel better about yourself and will have a really positive body image!

Avoid Long Courses On Hot Days

If you already know that the course you are going to play is quite long, try to steer away from it and either go elsewhere or do something else. For example, if it’s a very hot day, instead of heading to the course, work on your putt skills from home.

Take Care of Yourself At All Times!

You already know how important it is to take good care of your skin and your body as a whole. This is the reason why we have shared with you 10 tips on how to look after your skin. For further golf advice and products, head to to get everything you need for your next golf adventure.

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