Improving the Mental Approach to Playing Golf

Golf is mainly a mental game. It bears a higher degree of this trait than other sports, where automated actions and lack of thought processes are more present. In golf, if you can’t control your head, you lose control of your game too. Here we will equip you with a bunch of tricks and tips to avoid this from happening to you!

Don’t Think Ahead Too Extensively

It’s a very notorious mistake to always try to be on top of the game to the extent that you are 3 steps ahead of yourself. This is a positive trait to hold. But, you won’t be reaching those future steps if you can’t be in the moment and get the present sorted out first. 

When expectations get too high, and you become ambitious, you start worrying about those variables you cannot control. Focus on the present to avoid this from happening to you. Search to adopt a “right here, right now” mentality to your game.

In addition, pre-game routines will help you relieve some of this stress.

Visualize a Successful Strategy

It sounds very cliché, but you attract what you think. This occurs because you’ll put yourself into a mental state where you simply initiate and follow through with deeds that lead to the reflected outcome. It becomes a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Ergo, envision success, carefully paired with an effective, winning strategy, and you’ll likely make those steps you need to get closer to victory. Visualizing success is part of any healthy golf regimen.

Engage in Pre-Round Practice Routines

Pre-round practice routines cover many benefits. From physically preparing your body for the demands of golf, to mentally placing you in the zone, pre-round practice routines can do a lot for you.

Make sure you consistently get into the habit of practicing these. All you need is some extra 15 minutes, and your scores will be the lowest they’ve been in years. This golfing due diligence you perform now increases your mileage in the long run, sparing you from many injuries that you are susceptible to along the way.

Don’t Expect Your Pre-Round to Make Sense!

Many times we find ourselves caught in the assumption that if we are underperforming during the pre-rounds, the rest of the game is going to be a fluke. Relax! Pre-practice should be taken for what it is: pre-practice. Don’t expect to get into full-blown Tiger Woods mode all of a sudden.

In fact, little does the pre-practice routine matter if you don’t achieve any results during the game. You can crush it as much as you want during the practice, but that will not be of any importance if you underperform during showtime.

Lower your expectations during pre-round practice to yield optimal results.

Get Warmed Up By Putting

The way in which putting is underestimated as a proper form of warming up is directly criminal. Becoming familiar with the speed of the greens is essential to obtaining positive results. The actual place in the course where most scores are lowered is there.

Work your way up from short distances to longer ones, while aiming at different parts of the green. Do your best effort to read any breaks it may have, as well as the speed the grass bestows.

Nothing builds confidence faster than listening to that ball thumping into the cup.

Plus, you can also hone your finesse by utilizing a putting mirror. We have the best one for you right here.

Get Your Muscles Prepped Up

A notable mistake committed by many golfers is overpreparing the mind, yet forgoing the physical aspect of golf. Repetitive motions and long distances can—and will without the necessary precautions—take a toll on your body. Take good care of it with a proper, dynamic warm-up.

Start off with global movements, and little by little dive into those rather specific motions of golf.

Something to consider is that you may want to skip any form of static stretching. In the first place, this form of stretching relaxes your muscles too much. This means smaller resulting power outputs. In second place, it might also extend you more mobility in areas you might not need.

It is much more efficient and beneficial to do those movements you are going to employ later in the game. Work your intensity levels up gradually, and you’ll be okay.

You can make use of static stretching if your muscles are under very high tension. If you desire to follow along, make sure not to statically stretch for over 10 seconds at a time.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is universal to any high-performance sport and inherent to any individual that wishes to lead a happy, long-living life.

Make your best to sleep well, eat even better, and get lots of hydration. The latter is particularly crucial when playing during very hot weather. Your attempts should be aimed at minimizing the consumption of overly processed, and sugar-ridden foods and drinks, as they can certainly wreak havoc in your body, especially during later stages in life.

Fill your body with premium fuel for premium results. It’s as simple as it gets.

Furthermore, always make some space in your training schedule to train your body outside of golf. General strength and conditioning alongside cardio will have a tremendous impact on your holistic well-being.

Learn to Come to Terms with Your Own Style

Oftentimes we are too caught up in appreciating other golfers’ styles, but we forget to give love to our own first and foremost. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you. 

When you come to terms with your own golf-playing skills, you acknowledge both your strengths and weaknesses. This sort of assessment helps you comprehend better what areas are to be improved and to recognize which ones are strengths.

Equip Yourself with the Best Golfing Items

This goes without saying. Mediocre gear begets mediocre results. You don’t have to bust the piggy bank to get the best in the market. For instance, you can purchase something as simple as a putting mat to play from the comfort of your own home for less than one hundred dollars.

High-quality products that withstand the passing of time that accompany you throughout your journey are must-haves. Go to for premium products that elevate your golfing game to new limits.

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