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Top Golf Professionals to Follow on Social Media

Simply put, golf is hard. Just ask any professional who took years to break into the sport—or take a closer look at their social media. Nowadays, the best way to keep up with your all-time favorites is through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Through witty captions and captivating visuals, you’ll be surprised to know how relatable some of these Golf Greats are. If you’re an active social media user and budding golf enthusiast, here are a few professionals who deserve your follow.

Tiger Woods

Instagram Followers: 2.7 million

Twitter Followers: 6.5 million

Naturally, Tiger Woods makes this list because, well, he’s Tiger Woods. If you’re a fan, his social media is primarily dedicated to updates, so you’ll never miss a beat on his career. On Twitter, you’ll find his latest interviews, philanthropic endeavors, giveaways, and merchandise. Woods was notably absent from social media for some time following his car accident, returning to give worried fans a much-needed update.

Rickie Fowler

Instagram Followers: 1.8 million

Twitter Followers: 1.6 million

Professional golfer and social media veteran Rickie Fowler has been active on multiple platforms since 2009. Like most golf professionals, Fowler uses his social media to recap the latest in his career but also leaves room to share fragments of his social life—notably, his stunning wife, Allison.

Patrick Koenig

Instagram Followers: 90.5k

Twitter Followers: 15.6k 

So, Patrick isn’t a PGA alumnus, but his social media belongs on this list for many reasons. A world-traveling golf enthusiast, Koenig is renowned for his stunning photographs of some of the most beautiful domestic and international courses. Take a peek at his Twitter, and you’ll find that this globetrotter also has a class-A sense of humor.

Lee Westwood

Instagram Followers: 308k

Twitter Followers: 936k

European Tour golfer Lee Westwood is an underrated social media presence. Since his 2013 stint with a handful of Twitter trolls, Westwood now dedicates his platforms to promoting his mobile app, keeping fans up to date with his career, and interacting with other professional players.

Brooks Koepka

Instagram Followers: 1 million

Twitter Followers: 523k


World number one status-holder Brooks Koepka has his fair share of fans on social media. The dreamy PGA champion publishes professionally curated photographs with a few candids. He also uses his digital space to plug his charity fund, promoting health, wellness, and educational resources for underprivileged youths.

Jason Dufner

Instagram Followers: 12.3k (Foundation account)

Twitter Followers: 543k 

While not personally active on Instagram, it’s worth noting that this five-time PGA Tour winner uses social media primarily to speak about the fight against world hunger. Notably, Dufner does tend to get a little snarky on Twitter, especially when it comes to his alma mater and rivals.

The Bottom Line

Whether you don’t have sports cable or simply prefer to keep up with your favorite golf icons, these are a few that you should be following. You never know when you’ll be the first to witness a picture-perfect hole-in-one or win one of Tiger Woods’ giveaways!

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Jordan Fuller is a retired golf mentor and has a passion for inspiring budding golfers. Through Golf Influence, he publishes guides and information that you can use to further your career.

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