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Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Game With A Putting Mirror

With the 2022 golfing season now here, we are all looking to hone our craft. There are plenty of tips available online for golf novices. The pros share their trade secrets and make them seem easy breezy by using golfing aids. But sometimes the equipment they use can be expensive. It can also add up in cost if you decide to try several of the aids.

It can be daunting to figure out which aid will work just right for you.

Some aids are made for certain difficulties a golfer may have. And if you are new to the sport, you may not know what your needs are yet. But there is one item almost every list recommends and is useful to anyone interested in the sport.

Putting mirrors are designed to help golfers perfect their putting stroke. It does this by assisting the golfer in aligning themselves appropriately with the ball; eyes, shoulders, and feet. The simplistic but handy tool is useful to seasoned pros and amateurs alike. It is also available in a vast range of prices. The more expensive ones tend to come with extras that will further help you perfect your short game.

Listed below are five tips that will help you improve your game by using this simple golfing aid. And dare we say, the fifth one may have an additional golf aid, but it is absolute perfection. Some mirrors even include this aid. 

#1 Control Your Putts

Controlling your putts is essential for honing and establishing the basic principles of golf. And many pros would say that it is the most important skill to have. Since it is part of the basic principles of golf it should be of tremendous focus for beginners. If you don't find putting too exciting, you want to be able to learn this skill quickly. A fast, easy, and stress-free way to do this is by using a putting mirror.

Putting mirrors are specifically made for this reason. A proper mirror will have lines on it that help you line up your putting stroke and prepare you for the perfect putt. Simply find your trajectory, set your mirror in place, and get ready to have a fantastic short game. Over time this, along with the following tips, will help you create a consistent putting stroke.

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#2 Establish Your Posture and Mechanics

Posture is not only necessary for perfecting your putts, but it is also crucial for avoiding injury. When our posture is off, we can put a strain on certain puts of our body's that is unnecessary. Having the correct posture and mechanics while putting will help you swing freely. When you go to swing your club, it should be in one fluid motion.

Repetitive use of a putting mirror is known to help establish the perfect posture for a putting stroke. Your feet should be shoulder length apart and not feel like you are about to do a split. We recommend practicing this skill in indoor facilities so that you are ready when the golf season arrives.

#3 Improve Your Eye Alignment 

Along with the posture and mechanics of your body, it is also good to align your eyes with the ball. Aligning your eyes with the ball is a tip you will hear a lot in putting classes but sometimes have trouble perfecting. Your eyes should remain directly over the ball while putting.

A putting mirror will help you do this with ease, just as it does with your posture. By following the guides on the mirror, you will be putting like a pro in no time. The way the mirror has you position your body will automatically make you in eyeline with the ball. Having proper eye alignment will further help cement your putting stroke.

#4 Use it for Drills

Using a putting mirror in drills will drastically improve your short game skills. Drills are a repetitious form of practice made to perfect the most basic of golf techniques. Some of them are even fast-paced. The combination of the mirror and a quality drill routine is sure to improve your short game in no time.

Repetition is the key to perfection. Try taking your mirror to an indoor golfing facility, perform some standard drills. If your new to the world of golf and are having trouble coming up with your own drills, Youtube is the perfect place to start. Remember to pay close attention to your posture, eye alignment, and overall stroke.

#5 Hone Your Skills With Putting Gates

So you may be thinking, "Hey, you said one golfing aid only!" but just take our word for it; this is essential. Putting Gates are used for a similar reason as putting mirrors, and together they work like magic. The gates work a visual for you to follow when putting. They help you remain on your desire trajectory and reach your target. 

First, you must find your desire trajectory and target. After doing so, line up your putting mirrors and gates leading to your final goal. Your putting gates should only be a few feet away in front of your ball. Once you are set up, go ahead and practice your short game. 

To further hone your skills, try running some drills using both your putting mirror and gates. Get creative by combining popular putting gate drills with putting mirror drills. These two golfing aids combined will help hone your skills and indicate where your problem areas are.

An Overview

2020 and 2021 were a rough years for us all. Let's get excited and prepared for the 2022 golf season. We want to help you perfect your craft, get you pumped about the sport, and back on the green. 

Being able to consistently putt is a fundamental part of all golf games. A putting mirror can make a world of a difference when developing your short game skills. And don't get us wrong, it can be done without golfing aids, but this handy tool makes it less stressful.

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