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Top 5 Reasons To Use A Golf Rangefinder

A golf rangefinder is essential for improving your game. In case you are new to the world of golf, let us explain what a golf rangefinder does and some of the reasons why you should be using one to level up your golf game.

Golf rangefinders are designed to help the golfer estimate distance and accuracy of their shot. The estimation will help improve their game by letting the golfer know how hard they should hit the ball. There are two types of rangefinders GPS and laser; both have their benefits.

A GPS rangefinder uses signals from various satellites to figure out the distance between you and your target. Some say that GPS rangefinders are faster than laser ones. But it should also be stated that they are not as accurate.

Laser rangefinders use a laser beam to determine the distance between you and your target. The rangefinder uses the time it takes for the laser to reflect back to it to determine the scope. Golf novices and seasoned veterans both agree that laser rangefinders are more accurate than GPS rangefinders.

In this post, we will be focusing on laser golf rangefinders and why you need one by your side. Here are the top five reasons you need a golf rangefinder, whether you are a newbie or a pro.

#1 It Takes Out The Guessing Work

Now, you may be thinking that you can determine the range of your target using the flag markers. Although these markers certainly help, they do not give us an accurate reading of how far away they are.

A golf rangefinder will accurately measure the distance between you and the hole. That will eliminate some of the guessing work required to determine how you should hit the ball. You can also use the measurement to help gauge and improve your skills. Try the hole with and without the rangefinder; see if your accuracy improves when you use it.

#2 It Speeds Up Your Game

We can all agree that when we try to get some practice in on the green, we don't want it to take all day. And we also know that the guessing work in distance estimation can take up more than half of a game. A laser golf rangefinder is here to save the day in this aspect.

Your game will fly by when you eliminate the guessing work. The rangefinder will be able to quickly determine how far away the hole is. Once you have the distance figured out, pick up the right club and get to swinging. Play your practice games stress-free.

#3 It Informs You on Which Club to Use

When you are new to the world of golfing, it can be hard to determine which club to use at which time. Knowing and using the right club can drastically improve your game. To know which club to use, you must know how far away the hole is. You can quickly pull out your rangefinder to determine this.

How much distance is between you and the hole? Should you use an iron, a wood, or a putter? The accuracy of your laser rangefinder is sure to let you know. Watch your game fly by and improve with the use of one small gadget.

#4 It is Convenient to Use and Carry

You have to admit that a golf rangefinder sounds pretty cool. But you may be concerned about lugging around another piece of equipment. Well, we are here to tell you not to worry, rangefinders are easy to carry. The small and compact design will add little to no weight to your load.

Laser golf rangefinders mimic the size of small camcorders and can be worn around the wrist. Most rangefinders also come with a small, compact carrying case that you can slip into the side of your golf bag. If you still find this an inconvenience, there are some GPS rangefinders that clip to hats. You can also find ones that you wear like a watch. 

#5 It Will Improve Your Overall Skills

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a golfing novice, everyone wants to improve their skills. There are multiple ways to go about doing this. And we can all agree that practice is crucial for improvement. But there are small gadgets available to increase the benefits of our practice games. A golf rangefinder is a perfect example of this.

Take your short game and tee shots to the next level. There is always room for improvement. Being able to determine the right club and at what angle you should hit the ball is a must for all golfers. A laser golf range finder will aid you in decisions.

Any golf rangefinder will help, but our ProVision Golf Rangefinder is the best out there. We designed our rangefinder to be accurate, versatile, and easy to use. The powerful 8x zoom and three modes make it precise and user friendly.

The slope mode has been raved about and can determine how it affects your distance. Pin-seeker mode is made for vertical targets, and quick-measure mode is for broad targets.

You can take it anywhere. It is lightweight and ergonomic and has a convenient wrist strap for portability. It also comes with a carry case and microfiber cloth to help keep it dust-free and safe.

The accuracy of the measurements takes out the guessing work and cuts the game in half. That allows you to focus on things like your backstroke and which angle you should take. The easy to use design and portability make it enjoyable and user friendly. That will make you more likely to pull it out and use it.

If you don't believe us, check out the five-star reviews on our website. They are glowing, and one raves about the Slope Mode feature. Improve your skills and make more shots this coming golf season, and check out the ProVision Golf Rangefinder. Be sure to check out our other products that can help you level up your game. 

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