Top 5 Most Recommended Golf Putters Under $200

Top 5 Most Recommended Golf Putters Under $200

Are you a beginner golfer, looking for good quality but cheap putters? Are you an amateur or seasoned budget golfer determined to break the habit of buying a used putter or lending someone else? Have you finally decided to buy your own but something affordable for now?

If you found yourself in either of these two situations, you have landed at the right place.

Do you have budget constraints?

Well, you can get an impressive putter, and you might be surprised by what's available.

Having said that, let's get going on the journey to help you select a good and affordable putter.

We have listed below our five top recommendations for golf putters under $200.

  1. Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

With its good appearance, stable shots,  outstanding features, and affordable pricing, this putter has high market demand from its customers. Its iconic design and improved feel sets it apart from all other putters. Well-balanced is what makes it so appealing. The lightweight composition offers a user-friendly interface. Additionally, it has an easy, stable, and comfortable grip along with perfect alignment. Its perfect alignment offers controlled, straight and distant strokes to roll down the ball. The putter provides improved forgiveness with toe and heel balanced weight.

The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter has a high tolerance level that enhances its

performance and consistency. 

It is an affordable yet classic choice for the best putters in this price range. 

  1. Odyssey EXO Putter

This is one of Odyssey's most successful additions ever, incorporating the White Hot feel for the sound and incredible performance. With Microhinge technology, the feel is enhanced, resulting in a forward roll that provides consistent and accurate distance control. For maximum forgiveness, Odyssey EXO Putter offers a tremendously high moment of inertia. Its multi-material construction increases the MOI for consistent ball speed and direction. Built of steel and graphite, the shaft alters the dynamics which facilitates swift and better stroke performance. For versatility, the putter offers toe hang options (which increases rotation) as well as face balance options (which minimizes rotation).

This putter is one of the best in this price range with its incredible features.

3.Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin 8.0 

With a length of 35 inches, Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin 8.0’s head weighs around 400 grams. It comes along with five different mallet-style head designs. It features a high-level sightline so you can always achieve proper alignment. Additionally, the grooves on the surface result in more friction and faster ball rolling. Created for both right and left-handed players, the grip choices are — midsize pistol, oversize, or counterbalance. It has a wide selection of putter length and loft options while the lie angle is constant at 70 degrees. There are more grooves on the head than on the heel which creates the perfect feel at impact.

Owing to its grooved design, this putter is to be found among the best at this price range.

  1. Wilson Staff Infinite Golf Putter

The appearance, feel, and price, make Wilson Staff Infinite Golf Putte a definite splurge. The vinyl head cover adds a cool touch to the overall design. The dark matte finish minimizes glare and focuses on proper alignment with the ball. The putter's responsive feel and perfect grip make it a great choice for customers. The double-milled face results in a consistent impact. The incorporated counterbalanced mechanism facilitates a swifter and controlled putting stroke. Besides, the grips’ oversized layout and construction provide a stable feel.

In terms of specifications and performance, it ranks among the best putters under this price range.

  1. Founders Club FP Model Men’s Golf Putters

Premium quality, design, great alignment, smooth balancing and pricing make this putter a great choice. Proper alignment of this putter with the ball will deliver the desired shot. For better handling of the putter, the midsize grip provides additional control. Additionally, along with a soft coin milled face insert, it has a face-balanced putter along. Founders Club FP Model Men’s Golf Putte provides the right balance of all aspects such as weight, feel control, and striking the putts.

Overall, it is an affordable putter under this price range. 

These are some of the most recommended and popular putters used by golfers.  Through this article, we intend to help you select the best putter that fits your preference and falls within your budget.

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