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Top 5 Best Golf Balls of 2020 | Which Golf Ball Will Help Your Game?

Are you an avid golfer? Or perhaps you are thinking of picking it up. First things first, you need to have the right equipment. This is just as important as learning the game itself. Without the right clubs and golf balls, you will never be able to reach your potential. Not sure where to begin? This list will help! These are the top 5 ranked golf balls to use this year.

Golf is a timeless sport that people have been enjoying for decades. Over the years, the equipment has been enhanced and is now created to optimize your golf game. There are so many excellent golf brands out there, all offering high-quality products. However, choosing the right product for you is what is important. This list should help you to do just that.

These balls have been ranked by some of the top golfers in the world and are some of the best quality balls in the game. If you invest in these golf balls, you will not be disappointed. They will last much longer than other balls and are the proper size and weight to help you improve your numbers and play your best game yet. Let’s take a look.

#1 Titleist AVX Golf Balls:

This new model was made for golfers who are seeking premium performance. This golf ball is designed for distance and speed and has a soft feel to it. It will completely change your game for the better. The Titleist AVX golf ball was designed for:
  • Speed - The new design includes new innovation to increase speed and advance your game.
  • Longer Distance - This ball was designed with distance in mind. Because of its larger core formulation, thinner outer layer, and an aerodynamic design that creates a low, smooth flight.
  • Increased spin control - The thinner urethane covering gives you precise control in order to score shots.
  • Personalization - Now, you can customize your ball and make it personal. Add your favorite play number, your name, or a personalized message to make it yours. You can also choose from select logos.


The Titleist AVX might be just the ball you are looking for to enhance your speed, increase control, and improve your game overall. An excellent choice for any golfer, this ball is truly a game-changer.

#2 TaylorMade Project (s) Golf Balls :

These new balls offer a much softer feel while still focusing on low driver spin and longer distance. The construction of this ball is what makes it unique, as it was designed with care in order to enhance your golf game. Its speed and rebound make it an incredibly effective golf ball that is sure to improve your game overall. So what does this ball have to offer?

  • Dual-Distance Core - This specially-made core decreases the compression of the ball for a softer feel. At the same time, it maintains speed and rebound. The compression of the Project (s) is 10 less than the Project (a), coming in around 60. The dual-distance core has a low compression inner core that reduces any unwanted driver spin. The outer layer consists of a resilient and softer polymer. This polymer creates a great feel and maintains higher speeds.
  • Aerodynamic Ionomer Cover - The soft ionomer cover used on this ball creates a soft feel and improves control on the green. It also provides more greenside spin which can improve your strokes. The cover along with the lower backspin construction reduces drag in the air providing longer distance and a better feel.

The multilayer design creates a softer yet resilient ball that is perfect for improving your game. It has an excellent feel to it and is an effective ball for maintaining control on the green.

#3 Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls:

This new and improved golf ball is an excellent choice if you are looking for a ball with speed. These golf balls are designed to reduce long game spin to increase distance and provide excellent short game control. This ball is excellent for lowering scores and improving your game. Let’s look at what this ball has to offer that others don’t.

  • A more efficient cover - With a 17% thinner cover, this ball provides extra control for scoring power. The intricate cover generates speed while maintaining excellent spin control. It is sure to improve your score and give you optimal control on the green.
  • Large casing layer - This layer produces plenty of speed, making this ball an excellent choice for anyone. This ball gets exceptional distance due to its speed and the larger casing layer added. Improving the casing layer meant improving the overall flight trajectory of the ball. It is sure to get your farther in a shorter amount of strokes.
  • Fast core - The advanced design and specially made core give this ball a lot of speed and less spin in order for you to play a great round of golf. The core is designed specifically for speed while maintaining its feel and compression. This ball has a soft feel and a penetrating trajectory that is sure to have you loving the game. 


The Titleist Pro V1 is an excellent choice for any golfer. Its soft design was built for speed and precision, giving anyone the chance to improve their overall game with the speed and confidence of a pro. Improve your game with style with this golf ball.

#4 TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls:

This ball was engineered for speed and precision. With new features and technology, this ball is an excellent choice to enhance your performance and improve your game. With a specially constructed core, this golf ball is a great golf ball for all golfers, experienced or not. Here are some of the incredible features this golf ball has to offer.

  • A 5-layer construction - This specially designed ball has 5 layers that are designed to enhance speed without affecting spin control. These layers include a Tri-Fast core which provides maximum carry with limited drag as well as a Dual-Spin cover that is excellent for creating the perfect spin. The covering is ultra-soft and highly resilient leaving you with nothing but the best results.
  • A new Speed-Layer system - The ball is made up of increasingly stiff layers that help with gaining longer distances off the tee. This also gives more control in the wind and better spin.
  • A High-Flex material - HFM material is a new addition to this line of golf balls and it acts as a tightly wound spring which creates energy and rebounds quickly. This material increases the speed of the ball.

This golf ball is an excellent choice for any golfer who wants increased speed and spin control.

#5 Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls:

This golf ball is one of the top golf balls of 2020 with good reason. It is the first matte finished urethane golf ball in the world. It has a thin coating and excellent adhesion to the green which offers you a large amount of control. It also creates a high degree of backspin. Let’s take a look at the specialties of this golf ball.

  • Low compression - This golf ball offers low compression which gives it a very soft feel and also makes it very responsive. It offers an extraordinary feel and gives you a high spin and quite a bit of control on the green.
  • An extremely durable 336 dimple design - Its special design is optimized for extra takeoff from the tee. It is excellent for creating distance and speed which is perfect for long game plays. Its design was made specifically for optimizing its flight trajectory. The number of dimples was optimized to minimize dispersion and offer long flight trajectory. This is helpful in keeping the ball straight and even when playing into the wind.
  • A one-of-a-kind Keep In Line Putt Line - This very long KIL line is perfect for maintaining your golf ball perfectly aligned. This line was developed with professionals in mind and is sure to exceed your putting needs.


This golf ball was designed to be soft and to meet all of your golfing needs. With a long flight trajectory and extra control, you are sure to play your best game with this ball. The KIL Putt Line is sure to give you the putting skills you’ve always wanted and the ball itself will enhance your game, no doubt about it!

With so many choices of golf balls out there, it can be a daunting task trying to choose the right one. We are sure, however, that if you try one of the 5 balls listed above, your golf game will change drastically. With speed, control, and precision, you are sure to notice a difference with one of these balls and your game is sure to be the best it’s ever been.

Whether you are an avid golfer or are new to the game, having the right equipment can make or break your golf game. If you want to play like a pro, you need the equipment of a pro. Try any of these golf balls out and rest assured that your golf game will improve.

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