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The Top Golf Balls of 2021

So you’ve invested in your golf clubs, and you are ready to take to the fairway. What is the most notable item to have in your golf bag? Your golf balls, of course.  

Before buying just any golf ball, consider that the choice of golf ball you make reflects the game you want to play and the stage you’re at as a golf player. You are just starting, or are you a more experienced player? Are you consistently playing on the greens, or are you exploring in your own backyard? Would you like your kids to join you for a fun day of golf? 

Golf balls can be a significant factor in your game, so we want you to have all information about the options available to you. Let’s first address the starting point of making a golf ball purchase: 

What should you consider before purchasing your golf balls? Some factors include the distance considerations you need, the spin control that the ball offers you, the tour performance, and simply the feel.

At Back2Basics, our team is primed with the information you need to make the right decision for your game. Below you’ll find an overview of golf balls and their basics but definitely get in touch if you want an intuitive answer from one of our team members.  

With all that said, and without further ado, here is a list of your different golf ball options. Take a moment and consider if each ball reflects the game you want to play, and fit that into your golf fantasy: 

Callaway Warbird
If you’re a beginner looking for your first set of golf balls, stick around! The 2021 Callaway Warbird is simply excellent for a beginner, but also a higher scorer player. It’s quite affordable and can help you to balance out your distances.

You’ll discover a low spin, hex aerodynamics, and great ball flight. 

Nitro Shag by TaylorMade
Of course, it’s fabulous to be a highly experienced golfer in search of your high-end options, but if you’re looking for a more relaxing game, perhaps in the comfort of your own backyard, then you’ll find these golf balls a bit safer for your budgeting. 

You’ll still have all the launch quality, ball speed, and all durability you could need, but you won’t break the bank with Nitro Shag. 

Titleist Velocity
As the name implies, here you’ll find the best option to up your speed. Titleist Velocity uses a design to focus on your low drag and distance. 

Features include a new core and soft feel. 

Vice Tour
Another very affordable option with a lovely focus on the spin of your ball. 

If you happen to be a senior golfer, some of your considerations may be the improvement of your distance and short game. Let this Vice Tour option give an extra edge to your game.  

Wilson Smart Core
If you’re having a hard time keeping the ball straight, look no further. The features of the Wilson Smartcore include a very low spin and a low drag dimple pattern. This simple pattern is engineered to maintain a straighter path for the ball in flight. 

Look forward to improving that straight line you’ve been seeking! 

TaylorMade Noodle
Here, we have the Noodle a great option for high-handicap golfers. The engineering incorporates a design that is both long and soft, and it is also a well-priced option. 

Callaway Supersoft
Think distance, a low compression core, and a low driver spin—who could ask for more? Available in many different colors, this option will serve the average gamer well. 

Choose Callaway Supersoft and enjoy a straighter ball flight and greater distance. 

Titleist Pro V1x
With a higher compression core and lots of greenside spins, look no further than this option. You’ll definitely notice the distance with Titleist Pro V1x.


Callaway HX
With this option, you’ll get the HEX aerodynamics that you’re looking for but are pleased to see an affordable price. Feel free to save your high-end balls for the golf course, and take the Callaway HX practice ball for a spin when you’re just playing around for practice.

We’ll all need to have different options for different golf days, and the Callaway HX practice ball will put your mind at ease when you really are just looking to practice. 


Maxfli SoftFli 
Lacking clubhead speed? The Maxfli SoftFli Matte White will let you have that feeling of control alongside more distance.

They are well known for products that provide a softer feel with distance—go ahead and discover the distance you can achieve, but also don’t miss out on the sensation of feeling exactly what you are doing at the same time; you will be using the golf club, it won’t be using you.  




Bridgestone e6
Designed with female players in mind, this option will give you soft control with a lot of distance. 

As it is a very low compression ball, female players can maintain compression and have it travel further than other options. Female players can feel at ease with a ball designed specifically with their sportsmanship in mind. 

Definitely check out the Bridgestone e6 Lady if you think this might be the best fit for you.



Callaway ERC Soft
Again we have a delivery from Callaway, and it’s a product that won’t have you frowning when bad weather comes your way. 

This may be one of the pricier low compression options, but if you take the leap, you’ll discover unmatched accuracy. 

So go ahead and play on a rainy day, and don’t fear the wind; your game won’t suffer for it if you have the Callaway ERC Soft in your arsenal. 

As you reach for your golf ball during your game, you may-or-may-not run through all the goals you have in your mind for that ball; perhaps you’re simply looking ahead at the green laid out in front of you, or the relaxing space of your back yard, as you take your golf club and become your playing or practice for that day.

Making an initial choice of which golf ball you’re going to go with before your golf day gives you all those benefits without having to overthink your game on the day.

Back2Basics wants you to have that ease of delving into your golf atmosphere. 

We’re definitely available to help you choose which golf ball is best suited to your golf game. Let us know what things became apparent to you have read this blog post; maybe you have more questions, or perhaps we’ll have more questions for you; we all have the same goal to discover what could be added to your golf game to make it more in line with your goals and enjoyable overall. 

Get in touch with us about any golf related topics. We are more than happy to answer your questions and share our knowledge and wisdom with you. 



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