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The Top 10 Best Golf Gloves

 A good golfer needs good equipment in order to get the full experience. Rather than wasting your money on mediocre golf equipment, you should make sure that you put in some time and research the highest quality equipment so that you are on top of your game. Good equipment can mean the difference between a good game and a bad one.

Many people overlook the fact that golf can be rough on your hands and a good pair of golf gloves can really amp up your game and save your hands from the wear and tear of a long game of golf. Though they are underrated, golf gloves are an important part of your golf game. If your hands sweat, then a good pair of golf clubs can really make a difference as well.

If you are looking for a good pair of golf clubs, but aren’t sure where to begin, then continue reading. Below we will give you a list of the top 10 best golf gloves on the market to help you with your search and get you ready for the green.

1. Calloway Dawn Patrol: These gloves are made of 100% high-end cabretta leather and are extremely breathable for your comfort. The grip on these gloves is especially good for hot and humid conditions, making them good options if you are playing in this type of weather. They are sold at a very reasonable price and are an excellent choice for your golf game.
    2. MG Golf DynaGrip: These gloves are one of the most popular on the market and with good reason. The high-quality cabretta leather can be used in most weather conditions and has an excellent hand-hugging fit for all hand sizes. With an excellent grip, these will help increase your golf game tremendously while looking and feeling great.
    3. Bionic StableGrip Gloves: These all-leather gloves come with finger pads that stabilize grip, as well as an additional pad in the palm to provide extra support. They help with support and prevent fatigue. There is a huge range of sizes to fit your hands and have pre-rotated fingers for the best fit. These durable gloves are available at a good price and are a good piece of equipment to add to your collection.
    4. FootJoy Rain Grip: These gloves are great to have for any golfer because they are specially made for wet conditions. The quick-drying material will leave your hands warm and dry throughout your game. Breathable, secure, and comfortable, these gloves allow for flexibility during your game. While made for wet conditions, they can also be worn during normal conditions, though may not be ideal.
    5. Nike Dura Feel VII: With perforated synthetic leather on the back of the glove and real leather on the palm and thumb, these breathable gloves have a natural feel to them. They have an excellent fit for almost everyone and are very flexible, creating great movement for a great game. A padded palm area helps with a secure grip and the gloves are extremely durable. A good option for any golfer, these gloves are affordable and a great addition to your golfing equipment.
      6. TaylorMade Stratus: Created by Under Armour, these progressive golf gloves include CoolSwitch technology which will actively cool your hands on a hot day. A coating on the interior of the glove will draw heat from the skin and cool your hand. They are durable and have a good grip, making them an excellent option for golfers who play in warm to hot conditions on a regular basis.
      7. Titleist Perma Soft: Designed for peak performance and comfort, as well as protection from the elements, these gloves have a super soft feel to them. Water resistant, these gloves resist rain and perspiration, making them a great choice for anyone whose hands sweat. CoolMax mesh creates breathability and comfort without compromising the fit. There is satin used to reinforce the cuffs and thumbs offering flexibility and strength and durability, also adding softness and comfort. With a huge variety of sizes, this glove is sure to fit anyone.
      8. Finger Ten: This brand offers sizes for everyone, including juniors. The gloves themselves are extremely versatile and can be used in all weather conditions. They have extra padding on the palms, near the ring finger, and the little finger, strategically placed to enhance durability and to avoid wear and tear. They are made from a synthetic leather Cabretta leather, and Lycra spandex. This increases comfort, flexibility, and durability. Creating an easy grip, the padding will also create a very soft feel. Overall, these gloves are an excellent option and come at a low cost.
      9. Srixon: These gloves have a lycra insert across the knuckles for flexibility and are made from Cabretta leather. They are equipped with CoolMax Spandex and venting which are located in the fingers and provide a cool feel for your hands in any climate. They are soft and comfortable and are easily adjusted for a nice fit. They are extremely breathable and the perforation along the top of the hand creates moisture reduction. A very comfortable and breathable option, this glove is worth the investment.

      10. SKLZ Smart Glove: These gloves are a great choice for newer players who are still learning swinging and gripping. They come with a removable wrist guide that helps guide your hands to the right position for swinging so they are an excellent glove for those who are just learning the game. They are nicely padded since they are designed for training. These gloves not only offer the wrist guide for correcting hand positioning, but the padding provides for a great grip as well. If you are just beginning or are working on your grip and swing, then these gloves are worth it. They are a bit more expensive than others on the list, but for a good reason. 

      If you are an avid golfer and looking for a new seat of gloves or just starting out and looking for your perfect first pair, the list above is a great place to start. Be sure to do your research and decide which pair is perfect for you and your game. Having a good pair of golf gloves can change your game tremendously for the better.

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