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The Best Golf Drivers of 2021

How long do you want your golf ball to fly? 

As a vision comes to mind of your golf ball flying far off into the distance, which golf club is in your hands?  

Likely, you are thinking of a golf driver. Maybe it's a golf driver that's already a part of your collection, or perhaps it's a golf driver you haven't added yet. 

The perfect driver can help you access that distance you're dreaming of. If you've developed your golf game, and want to take on a next level tool to optimize your game, the perfect driver is the direction you are heading in. 

As the driver is generally the most expensive club you’ll have in your golf bag, it is important to consider carefully what you are looking for so you can have an optimal experience.

Here are some questions to ask when considering which golf driver is best for you:

  1. What size of head are you looking for?
  2. What materials would you like?
  3. How much forgiveness would you like the driver to afford you?
  4. Which center of gravity is the best fit for you?
  5. What weight differentiation do you require?
  6. What considerations do you need when it comes to the loft of the club and lie angle?
  7. What shaft weight would be best suited to you?
  8. What shaft flex would you prefer?
  9. How long would you like to club to be?

This blog post will give you a general picture of what each golf driver will offer you. At Back2Basics we can give you an in-depth analysis in regards to these questions, and help you achieve the vision you have for what your driver can do for you.

Keep that vision in mind as we run through the best drivers in 2021, and think again about what distance you envision for your golf ball.



TaylorMade SIM 2 

You were excited about the original that launched in 2020, and now you have the presence of the SIM 2. Utilizing the same unique engineering to provide you with that dream distance. 

Available in the SIM, Max and Max D models, you'll discover the combination of the Twist face technology and inertia generator to give you the coveted Speed Pocket technology. 

The moveable weight track has been altered to have a fixed weight in the SIM 2. This weight will now be positioned in the center. And the speed pocket is even bigger than it was before. 

Let this remarkable Speed Pocket technology gift you the distance you are dreaming of.  



Callaway Epic Max and Callaway Epic Speed Drivers

Newly added to the Callaway selection, these two models arrive in succession to the Epic Flash. With these two, you continue to have the jailbreak technology alongside the AI speed frame to give you that max power feel.

Enjoy features such as the slight weight on the sole—this will give you a big difference when it comes to speed. The sliding weight has been removed and its place is a single weight at the rear.

Have the power and the distance you are looking for with this option.



Titelist TSi Drivers

Here we have the latest releases from the Titleist Speed series. Two models are available: the TSi2 and the TSi3.

If you thinking distance without the loss of accuracy, the Titleist TSi Drivers are your friend. The slogan ‘Dynamic Distance’ will not be lost on you as you take advantage of features such as Aerospace titanium that create a strong face to give you more accurate speed. You have a fixed weight at the back of the sole, and a sliding weight behind the club head.

Keep dreaming about the accuracy you will achieve with this golf driver.



Cobra Radspeed Drivers

Low launch, low spin and workability. Here you have it all. The Radspeed driver has a radial weighting system; weighting leads forward, with 28g positioned at the front.

This unique weight division will forgive slightly off-center hits, and will give you advanced speed.

If you’ve been frustrated in the past with shots that were a little offer center, let the Cobra Radspeed offer you a bit of that forgiveness you are looking for.

Ping G425 Driver

If you dream of increasing your inertia but want to save on some weight, Ping have gifted you the G41Os. The range includes the Max, the standard model, as well as the LST and SFT.

Here you have the dragonfly crown technology with low spin technology to decrease spin levels and get rid of the unfortunate distance-reducing slice or fade.

The Ping G425 driver is your friend for all things inertia without adding pesky weight in the wrong places. 



Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

If you were imagining hitting straights and locating more fairways, you were dreaming of this Big Bertha driver. 

Callaway’s big drivers have been designed with slice in mind. The unique engineering is meant to tackle the issue of slice by combining a draw bias, artificial intelligence flash face and jailbreak technology.

Don’t wait to have those dreamy straight hits and fairways—you can get with the Callaway Big Bertha B21 driver.

PXG 0811X Driver

For those of you dreaming of a limited spin, an increase in forgiveness, and higher ball speeds, the PXG 0811X will be like a magic trick for you.

With Hot Rod technology, a new and innovative crown design will give a weight-forward design to limit spin. You also have a new carbon fiber crown, a honeycomb insert and exciting variable face technology.

This variability helps to increase ball speed, while the weighting systems has nine moveable weights in the driver to give you some flexibility. 

The PXG O811X Driver will get you to that place of not worrying about your spin, alongside upping your ball speed. 

As your golf driver may be the most expensive club in your bag, you should feel that you get the most bang for your buck. Consider all the questions that we listed above, and get in touch with us at Back2Basics to discuss your needs further.

Take the next step

If you currently feel that your golf driver hasn’t been offering the change you want to see in your game, consider the options above and what they can do for you.

You’ve dreamt of that distance, and you know there is a driver that can suit what you’re looking for; you just need to discover it.

With all the unique engineering available today, with various features available to help improve your distance, speed, and accuracy, it is a no-brainer that there is an option out there that will suit your specific needs.  We offer you intuitive answers about your needs for your golf drivers.

We’d love to hear what your thoughts were after reading this blog post; which golf driver stood out to you the most? Did you find all the answers you were looking for? Do you want to put a certain golf driver in your hands to try it out and see if it’s the best fit for you? 

At Back2Basics, we have the same desire as you; to see a golf driver in your hands that is the best fit. We have the information you see above on hand, and even more juicy details to discuss with you.

Send us a message at this link and let's start exploring how to level up your game together.


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