The Back 2 Basic Golf Product Champion Cameron Smith Uses Every Day

Australian Cameron Smith won the 150th Open Championship at St. Andrews after playing July 14 - 17 in Scotland this year. He finished with an enviable score of 20-under, earning him the Claret Jug.

St. Andrews is the birthplace of golf, the links where the game was invented in the 15th century.  In modern times being a spectator on the Old Course remains a bucket list for golf enthusiasts at every level. St. Andrews is a highly challenging course with rolling grounds and steep ridges.

There’s one golf product Smith says he uses every day. It helps him ensure he’s using his best alignment to get that winning accuracy and control. Smith talks about using the Back 2 Basics Pro Path Mirrorat the championship and daily to prep for practice rounds and competitive play.  He says he doesn’t hit the course without first checking in the mirror.

What Does the Pro Path Mirror Do?

The Back 2 Basics Pro Path Mirror improves driving, the ability to achieve a full swing, along with excellent performance on the putting green. 

Pro Path is innovative and becoming more popular with golfers around the world.  It’s great for a warm-up and for some basic drills between rounds of play.

There are five main benefits of training using the Pro Path Putting Mirror before every game:

Ensure correct alignment
Improve posture
Narrow down the path to the hole
Control Distance
Achieve a 15-degree natural arc

The Pro Path Mirror is symmetrical, so it works just as well for left and right-handed golfers. 

Why Does Cameron Smith Use a Back 2 Basics Putting Mirror?

Scores show it’s working for Smith!   According to the 2022 PGA Tour Rankings, he putts 1.675 per hole, ranking at number one for that stat.  The PGA Tour average is 29 putts per round.  At all levels of the game, putts a golfer takes during a round will count for about 40% of their entire final score.

Pro Path enthusiast and 2022 Open champion Cam Smith showed his well-honed skills by making five back-to-back birdies at St. Andrews on the back nine.  Including on the infamous par-4 18th hole.  That phenomenal putt secured his championship wing, his first major championship win.

Cam says he won’t play a round without first warming up and adjusting his stance using the putting mirror. He says it lets him see for himself that his shoulders are square, and he has his eyes directly over the ball.

Smith explains, “If either of those things are even slightly out, it affects the way the putter moves through the ball.”  

Smith recommends using the putting mirror for 20 minutes every day, focusing on shorter putts.

Who Designed the Pro Path Mirror?
Golf players and coaches who are known for delivering proven results on the golf course.  The winning design came from PGA pros Richard Woodhouse and Grant Field.  Each Back 2 Basics product is built with premium quality materials.

Woodhouse turned pro in 2002 and has years of experience as a PGA player as well as a coach.  Field is a member of the Australian PGA and is known for being a premier golf coach.  Additionally, he’s known as a short game expert.

The mirror features a patent-pending curved stroke path providing instant feedback for every put.  It also illustrates proper positioning for the club and the player's body through the putting stroke.

Why Back 2 Basics Golf Products?
The company was founded on the belief any golfer can improve their score by getting back to the basics of the game. Competitors are busy creating more complicated products for training. 

The results tend to range from disappointing to damaging a golfer’s game, so they end up playing worse.

Back 2 Basics golf equipment is designed using scientific principles to create the products in a laboratory. In addition, each piece is PGA tournament tested.  It’s widely used in the PGA and LPGA.

It’s a great investment for golfers to make in their own game.  It’s also the perfect gift for the golfer in your life.  These products are built to last and get results.

What Else Does Back 2 Basics Offer?
Putting Golf Mats
Practicing on your putting golf mat means never being interrupted by a weather delay.  
The mat’s designers recognize the importance of practicing golfing skills regularly to improve form and accuracy. It’s also a small investment to save on expensive flight or course fees.

The mats are marked so you can practice making different shots until you’ve mastered most of them. 

And they are easily rolled up for storage until the next practice round.

ProVision Rangefinder Monocular
Pick the proper club every time by knowing how far away the next green is. This monocle boasts accuracy within .5 yards +/-.

Small and portable, the ProVision Rangefinder has three precise measurement modes:

Broad targets

Vertical targets
Slopes and elevation

Golfing Apparel & Accessories
So you can look sharp on the course while you level up your game!

Cameron Smith in Golf
At the 2022 Open Championship, Smith had to pull off a solid comeback to beat out early leader Rory McIlroy. 

Smith made five birdies in a row in the final stretch. Easily landing him in championship territory.  It marked his sixth PGA Tour win of his career.

Originally from Brisbane, the Aussie now calls Jacksonville, Florida home when he’s not competing.

He says whether warming up to practice or getting physically and mentally ready to play in a tournament; he relies on his Pro Path Mirror to prepare his winning strokes.
There are four golf majors each year where professional golfers vie for the prize.

The Masters (Played in early April each year)
The PGA Championship (Played in May)
The US Open (Held in June and allows male and female golfers)
The Open Championships (Also called the British Open)

Level up your game by getting your Back 2 Basics Golf Pro Path Mirror today!

Enjoy better play and improved scores with no risk. The mirror comes with a money-back guarantee.

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