Putting Routine: 4 Simple and Repeatable Steps to Lower Scores

Sometimes we all enter a rut that we don’t know how to get out of. You go to the course, and you can tell that your putting stroke needs an overhaul. The issue is that you don’t comprehend where to start. Here we will show you 4 simple and effective steps to put in the work.

The Importance of Knowing How to Putt

It Is a Matter of Precision

Putting is a matter of precision. If you want to have sound fundamentals, it will not suffice to only work on your long-range game. You need to get your putting act together as well.

Your Overall Scores Improve

When you know your way around the green, your scores will naturally lower. Hence, it’s crucial to know how to properly putt.

Your Mental Fortitude Rises

When putting you are under pressure. Every single movement counts. When we say every single one, we mean from your footwork to where your eyes look.

You Become a Better Player

If nothing else is enough to convince yourself to putt better, by doing so will become a better overall player. These are simple facts.

Advantages of Knowing How to Putt

Your Short-range Game Becomes Efficient

Usually, novice golfers are able to shoot decent long-range shots, but they lack finesse when they get to the green. If you improve your short-range, you’ll make a more complete player out of yourself.

Your Fine Motor Skills Upgrade

This benefit can easily be translated to other areas in your life. The delicate motions of putting strokes will certainly upgrade your fine motor skills as a whole.

You Become Less Prone to Frustration

If you need fewer shots to get the deed done, there is a high likelihood your frustration will decrease, as your overall results will augment. This is preponderant if you are short-tempered.

You’ll Look Good When Playing!

As trivial as it sounds, you’ll look good while playing! This also matters as you’ll gain a psychological competitive edge over your rivals due to your display of sprezzatura.

General Tips on How to Putt

Relaxation Is Key

If you are tense while trying to putt, all your efforts will have been in vain. You must relax. The player who can loosen up before putting adapts the body better to what the green demands. Follow suit and you are going to yield results sooner than later.

Employ Visualization

By employing visualization you are bound to be more prepared for your shot. Picturing inside your head the ball going in and the movements to be made are useful implements to prep yourself for the task at hand.

Use Putting Mirrors

Use putting mirrors to align yourself correctly before throwing shots away. Making use of this tool for putting drills will make you putt better. These items are very affordable, easy to use, and portable. All you need is your club, some tees, and the mirror. You can get yourself one here.

Consider Practice Outside the Course

You don’t necessarily have to be at the course to practice your putting skills. You can step your putting game up from the comfort of your abode by taking advantage of putting mats. They are unrollable mats that emulate the features of a green, but also come with the added benefits of having areas with scores so that you can work on diverse drills. Check one out here.

4 Steps for Putting Like a Pro

For this routine, you will need to be at a golf course. For the sake of this drill, you need to experiment with different terrain conditions. Without further ado, here are the 4 steps you need to become a pro at putting:

Step 1: Scan the Scene

Long before you even grab the putt, you have to inspect the conditions of the terrain. You should check for any types of slopes, elevation changes, grain, angles, and distance from the cup. Any potential alterations to a hypothetical perfect straight shot need to be brought into consideration.

Once the scene is scanned, you’ll have provided yourself with sufficient information to proceed to the second step of the 4-step method to become better at putting.

Step 2: Determine Your Aim

Once you are done gauging the intricacies of the terrain at hand you can securely determine where you want your ball to go. The “hurdles” the ball has to surpass shape the trajectory as well as the power input that needs to be applied for the shot.

In order to determine the aim adequately, you can mark the ball either with a line drawn onto it, or use the one that comes with the ball if present. Getting into the habit of doing so will free your mind of where you want the ball to go. Many golfers employ this technique.

Step 3: Putting Management

The key factors to be analyzed within this step are control of the distance and personal perceptions. How you “feel” the shot is relevant too. Delving into the custom of standing by the ball to engage in a few practice strokes can help a lot in finding out the required speed to put it in the hole. In your practice strokes, you should always be aiming for the cup.

Once you feel comfortable enough, you can proceed to the final step of the routine.

Step 4: Putt

Now it’s the time to do what you came here for: putting the ball inside the hole! If you have practiced a couple of strokes and already know the feel and the line of the ball, you should go for it.

With sufficient practice, by utilizing these 4 steps you are certainly going to reduce the number of needed strokes in the green area to achieve your short-range shot objectives.

Complementary Advice

Picture the Line from Behind

Have a walk around the green area to inspect the place from all possible angles. Right after this, position yourself behind the ball to pick a line.

Use the Ball’s Line as Much as Possible

It is legal and it is a very frequent trick used by many golfers worldwide. Although controversial to some golf purists, you should use it as much as you need. Doing so will make putting strokes easier.

Speed Is All You Need

After having chosen the line, all you need to be concerned about is the speed you believe is necessary to complete a successful shot. The distance at which the ball can be found will determine this variable greatly. 

Go for It

Try your best to detach yourself from the outcome. Follow the steps accordingly until you get the hang of it. Just try your best and everything will come full circle. For further advice, don’t forget to go to https://back2basics.golf/.

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