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Introducing The Play-Off Putting Mat

What if we told you that you could carry the green, the 'holes', and the guides for a quick round of golf anywhere you go, whenever the mood strikes? 

It's true. Roll out the fuzzy carpet somewhere flat, maybe grab a couple friends for extra competitive incentive, and master your putting skills with the portable Play-Off Putting Mat from Back2Basics.

May the course be with you.

The Fundamentals

There's no ifs, and, or putts about it - this durable, portable mat is the secret to perfecting your putt stroke. It compacts real small but rolls out long and full of possibilities. 

The Play-Off Putting Mat contains markings that outline many different game layouts, drills, and courses. The mat is double-sided, meaning it has exercises spanning both directions along its length. It's designed with the speed and texture of the real amateur golf greens in mind, so the experience is super authentic; the skills obtained from it translate really well onto the natural green. 

You can play solo or with friends for a bit of friendly competition, as well as in tandem with other B2B guide tools.

It Plays Well With Others

The Play-Off Putting Mat pairs tee-rifically well with the other B2B game improvement products/tools, such as:

The ProVision Rangefinder Monocular

This ProVision Rangefinder visual device helps with accurate swing calculations by using laser and terrain-mapping technology. 

The Pro Path Putting Mirror

The Pro Path Putting Mirror alignment tool reflects your postural and angular defects right back up at you so you can adjust and refine your technique with a visual cue in real time. It can be placed at the Tee Dots on the Putting Mat to help achieve an optimally-positioned swing. 

play off putting mat

The A-mat-omy 

The double-ended mat contains several Tee Dots as starting markers for putt goals of varying lengths. To follow the course in sequence involves alternating sides of the mat each turn and swinging short and long strokes in order to ideally land in a safe/scoring zone. Players will have to determine the appropriate speed, angle, and power to apply to their swing to get it within the parameters of a scoring zone. 

There are so many game structures to make this practicing/training more fun!


The Play-Off Putting Mat comes with a few game strategies you can play with friends to improve your stroke, and nothing stops you from creating your own. The three games included are the following:

The Ladder

The goal of this game is to 'sink' as many consecutive holes in a row as possible to create course records. Alternating from side to side and following the directional arrows, aim for the 'holes' or their encompassing safe zone. The first three zones count for one point, the fourth zone counts for two. Set a single round highscore, or play a 9 or 18 round match (where each match ends once all players have missed a putt).

play off putting mat
play off putting mat

play off putting mat

B2B Skee-Ball

The goal here is to score more points than your opponent after a set number of rounds or to reach a minimum score goal before anyone else (ex: first to 250 wins). 2-4 players will take turns putting towards the 'skee-ball' scoreboard, which is situated at one end of the mat. 

Shots are taken from the same distance for the entire match (we recommend around 6-8 ft away), starting always from a Tee Dot. Only balls that reach and stay within the parameters of the scoring zone will count each round. Players can “knock” their opponents off the board but if they knock their own ball off the mat in the process they lose 25pts. It's ruthless but we love it. 

B2B 9 Holes Member Course

This drill is traditional to the good ol' family mini putt games. Get the ball into the safe zone within the least amount of strokes possible (max 4) before moving on to the next. All holes are a “Par 2”. Try to beat our course record of “12”. Share with us if you beat it.


Exercises are also included to guide your use of the Play-Off Putting Mat. Here are the three included with the product:

In A Line Drill

This drill helps to improve short putting under pressure. Start by placing four balls on the 2,4,6, and 8 ft. center Tee Dots. Putt the hole from the 2ft line, then the 4th, 6th, and 8th distances back. Roll each putt over the B2B logo, trying to keep each putt on the mat. Try all four putts in a row and start over if you miss. Good luck!

Gate Drill

This drill will help improve your path and accuracy. You get to choose the distance and angle you want to putt from. Place two objects (tees flipped upside down will work) outside the heel and toe of your putterhead. Putt through the gate without knocking over either object. This takes incredible stillness and focus. 

Penny Drill 

The Penny Drill will help with precision and improved stroke impact. Tape a penny to the center of your club face and focus on making the center of the ball make perfect contact with the center of the penny at impact. This is similar to practicing hitting the center of a pool cue to the center of the ball and will significantly improve stance and technique. 

Using other Back2Basics products, like the Pro Path Putting Mirror and the ProVision Rangefinder, will further improve your execution of these drills and comprehension of their importance on your game. 

Back2Basics is trusted among tons of pro golfers and amateurs alike. Our products are tested and designed by some of the most elite golfers in the world. 

We are committed to amplifying talent and bettering our communities across the globe. We provide convenient customer support and quality guarantees for our products, because we believe in them 100%. 

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