Back 2 Basics Golf ProVision Golf Rangefinder

Introducing the Back 2 Basics©️ Pro Vision Laser Rangefinder

This multifunctional golf laser rangefinder monocular, with slope function, will make your game so much better! Golf is a dance of precision and force, making this tool a must-have for determining distance and slope.

provision range finder golf

What Is It And What Does It Do?

This portable monocular device uses a low-powered laser pulse, the rangefinder, and its feedback mechanisms to provide the necessary data to locate your aimed target with extreme accuracy.

This all-in-one tool combines and optimizes the functionality of a rangefinder, slope-finder, and a monocular.

Unbeatable Features:

  • 800 Yard Max Range - Accurate within +/-0.5 Yard
  • Fast & Easy To Use 
  • Long Battery Life
  • Adjustable Eyepiece
  • Water and Dust Resistant
  • Target-Lock Vibratory Feedback
  • Transmits Laser 10 secs. 
  • Compact, Portable, & Lightweight 
  • Ergonomic Design 
  • Automatic Shut-off after 30 sec.
  • Tripod Mount
pro vision rangefinder diagram
What's Included:
  • 1x ProVision Laser Rangefinder
  • 1x Lanyard (Wrist Strap)
  • 1x Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • 1x Rigid Carrying Case
  • 1x Battery (CR2-3V)

pro vision rangefinder

Getting Started On the Right Foot

Let's go over some tips, tricks, safety & cleaning protocol, set-up, and troubleshooting basics for your new arrival.


Use a soft microfiber cloth to clean the lens only in order to avoid scratches and only apply the designated lens cleaner/isopropyl alcohol to the cloth and never the lens directly.


*Make sure you don't aim the lens at the sun, or the laser at anyone's eyes to avoid burning and damage. Be sure to keep it away from children.*

pro vision range finder specs

Tips & Tricks 

Cleaning the lens will make the device function more accurately while keeping fingers off the lens directly will also help.

Removing the batteries during the off-season or when not in use is a great way to save their energy.

Try storing the monocular in a dry, room temperature area and avoid extreme conditions. While the device is moisture tolerant, it shouldn't be submerged and should be wiped off if it comes into contact with spills or debris.

Keeping it off angled surfaces and edges, while using the lanyard, will help in preventing falls and damage.


If you're not seeing a display, you should try the following:

  1. Reinsert the battery
  1. Check for correct battery polarity (+/-) positioning
  1. Clean the battery contacts
  1. Check the battery power level
  1. Inspect battery contacts for blockage or misalignment
  1. Press the power button firmly

If it won't measure, try this: 

  1. Check if the device is powered on 
  1. Inspect lenses to ensure there is no debris or blockages 
  1. Ensure your target does not exceed the device capacity of 800 yards
  1. Ensure your target is no less than 15 yards away
  1. In normal mode, ensure to press the power button only briefly, to get a reading (do not hold)

If it's fading start with:

  1. Checking if the unit and its case are totally dry
  1. Placing it outside in direct sunlight for 3-4 hours.


First, insert the battery into the rotational battery door. Then, attach the lanyard, and press the power button once. Check through the viewfinder that the screen is powered on and rotate the lens to clarify vision to your liking. Experiment with different modes by pressing the mode button for 3 seconds.


Different Modes/Functions

The Pro Vision monocular works in a variety of environments and terrains, always ready to calibrate to its set target and give you an accurate estimation of the conditions between you and the goal.

quick measure mode 1 pro vision rangefinder golf

Mode 1: Quick Measure

This mode is ideal for quickly measuring broad targets like the green, fairway, or bunker. It allows you to toggle between Quick Measure and Pin-Seeker functions.

Tap the Power button to quickly measure distance. The () icon will be displayed, meaning the laser is working properly. If (-.-) appears, it means the reading has failed and you should try to measure again. You can also press and hold the Power button to enter the Pin-Seeker function. When using this function, pan left and right over your target to receive a "live" reading.

pro vision mode 2 pin seeker 

Mode 2: Pin-Seeker 

This mode helps to seek vertical targets, especially in environments where trees, or other complex backgrounds are present. It distinguishes the nearest target, helping to isolate and identify a vertical pin amongst a background of any kind. For this reason, it is important that nothing is between you and your target.

Press and hold the Power button to use the Pin-Seeker function. When using Pin-Seeker mode, pan left and right over your target to allow the laser to find the target. The device gives two short jolts once it's got a reading.

provision rangefinder mode 3 slope

Mode 3: Slope 

This mode helps to gauge distance on terrains with varying elevations and slopes. The LCD will display everything found in mode 2 (pin-seeking), in addition to Adjusted Distance and Angle. Operation in slope mode is the same as Pin-Seeking, where you are seeking a pin or broad object that is not obstructed from view in any way. 

pro vision range finder slope

Press and hold the Power button to operate, until a final display of data appears. If you are operating in rainy or low visibility conditions, make sure the lens is clear and free of moisture and debris. 

With so many amazing features, you're sure to get the perfect swing and an ace! If anything is amiss or puzzling, count on our special reps to help with their wonderful customer assistance ( Quality assurance is our guarantee and we're here for you always.

If you currently have our Pro Vision and you're loving it, please leave a review! If you're interested in trying it, please reach out to us, as we're looking for testers! Email us at


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