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Back2Basics Putting Improvement Video Series

Looking for a tangible way to improve your putting? You’ve come to the right place! Join us for our 10-part video series: Drive for Show, Putt for Dough. 

This Back 2 Basics video series provides you with 10 of the world's best putting drills. Each has been hand selected by our team of golf enthusiasts. They're quick to set up, fun, proven to be effective - and best of all - won’t cost you a penny. 

As you've learned by now, putting involves a number of different skill sets. You need to have laser-sharp concentration, a fundamentally sound setup, and “feel” around the green. Ultimately, these skill sets set you up for the right speed and alignment on the putting green.

We designed each of these drills to hone those skill sets and get you putting more like the golfer that you WANT to be. Challenge yourself to complete all of the drills in the following videos and become a better putter today.  

Episode #1: The Clock Drill

A favourite putting drill for both Phil Mickelson and Jordan Spieth, the Clock Drill is great at helping you improve your consistency, as well as draining putts under pressure. Simply put 8 balls around the hole, approximately 3 feet from the hole. Then, start putting each ball one after the other, until you’ve hit all 8 putts in a row (for an added challenge, try going around twice!).

Episode #2: The Tee Drill

Making short distance putts is a big part of the game. The Tee Drill is designed to help you become more consistent on shorter putts, as well as help you develop precision when lining up your target line for longer putts. Begin by putting a tee all the way into the ground, about 1 foot in front of your ball. Then, try and put one ball after another over the top of the tee. Sounds easy - but it’s easier said than done!

Episode #3: The Alignment Drill

Making sure that you set up in your stance properly for each putt is a huge part of ensuring your putt goes where you intend it to. The Alignment Drill helps you determine if the target line you’re seeing is actually aimed at the hole. Start by placing a coin on the ground and then putting 5 balls at various spots around the coin (approx. 5 feet away). Go through your set up routine and once you’re set, move the ball, put the alignment stick at a right angle on your club-face and see if your aim is true - if not, adjust!

Episode #4: The Gate Drill 

A drill Tiger Woods has been using for years, the Gate Drill is meant to help you make sure that your club-head is square to your putting line and that you hit the ball in the sweet spot of your club, every time. Start by placing your club-head on the ground, then put a tee into the ground at the toe and heel of your putter. Finally, place a ball in between the tees and start putting. If you’re hitting either tee, it means you’re missing the sweet spot in the middle.  

Episode #5: The Tee Drill V2

This is another drill aimed at helping you sink those short putts confidently and consistently. The Tee Drill (V2) begins by putting a tee inside the hole, about 1” below the rim. Then, set up your ball about 3 feet from the hole and aim for the tee in the back of the hole. By aiming for the tee at the back, instead of the front of the hole, you’ll putt with more power and accuracy, so you don’t hit a short, defensive stroke.

Episode #6: The Rubber Band Drill

Finding that centre sweet spot on the putter’s club-face is a must if you want to hit straight and consistent putts. Through commitment and repetition, the Rubber Band Drill will help you find that sweet spot more often. Simply take two rubber bands and put them around the putter head, so they form two lines just outside the sweet spot. Then, start putting at different distances and the bands will let you feel each time you miss the sweet spot.

Episodes #7: The Coin Drill  

Another effective drill at practicing hitting the sweet spot when you putt is the Coin Drill. To run this drill, place a small piece of double-sided tape in the centre of your club-face and then stick a small coin (no bigger than the clubface) onto the tape. Once you start putting, you’ll notice that if you hit the ball in the sweet spot it will roll true - if not, the coin edges will send the ball right or left, meaning you need to adjust.

Episode #8: The Leapfrog Drill

Hitting the ball the right distance requires an understanding and “feel” for how much power to put into your putts. This skill is only developed through experience and repetition. The Leapfrog Drill is designed to help you find the right weight for each putt. Start by putting a tee in the ground about 10 feet away and try putting your first ball a little past the tee. Then, putt the next ball just a little past the first ball (hence, Leapfrog!) and so on. This will help you get a feel for how hard you need to hit the ball for a particular distance.

Episode #9: The Ruler Drill

This drill is designed to help you with short putts - but also to make sure that your putting stroke is pure enough to keep your putts on the desired line all the way through a target. Set up a yardstick - or ruler - somewhere on the putting surface. Try putting from one end of the stick to the other without it rolling off the edge. For a more advanced drill try setting the ruler somewhere near a hole and get the ball to roll from one end of the ruler to the other, across the putting surface, and into the hole. 

Episode #10: The Two-Putt Drill

The Two-Putt Distance drill is intended to help improve your lag putting. To do this, you need to nail those three and five-footers consistently. First, you start about thirty feet or ten paces from the hole. Next, begin by putting five balls back to back, attempting to get them in the hole. Repeat this process three times so that you’ve put a total of 15 golf balls.

Looking for More?

We’re confident that if you keep practicing using these simple drills, you’ll start shaving meaningful strokes off your game in no time! If you're looking for more expert-level resources to improve your golf game then check out our 'Drive for Show, Putt for Dough' e-Book. This eBook is completely free and goes into even more depth about the proper putting stroke, setup, and mentality you need to be the best possible putter ... if you've read this far then the eBook is perfect for you!

And for tools to help improve your putting game, make sure you check out Back 2 Basics Golf for Rangefinders, Putting Mirrors and more.

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