Are Putting Mirrors Any Good?

If you are a beginner, you’ll notice that getting a grasp on long-range shots can be relatively easy to do. On the other hand, short-range shots are a whole other ball game. Swinging the ball for long distances can be done, but putting it inside the hole from diverse distances, angles, and speeds within the green area is another aspect of the game that can take time to become better at.

Even if you’re seasoned, you can definitely relate to the struggle of indulging in the dreaded Four-jack now and then. However, your putting game ante can be upped by acquiring a very useful item: the putting mirror.

This wonderful gadget is becoming increasingly popular because of the results it reaps for golfers. Here we are going to explain everything this wonderful product can do for you.

What Are Putting Mirrors?

Putting mirrors are essentially mirrors that contain several lines for referential purposes. They also have slots by the sides, so that you can place tees for further reference. The lines are used as a visual aid for calculating the ball’s trajectory. You can also align the putt with them. The tees that you can allocate in the slots are usually employed to make sure that the ball stays the course, by forcing you to straighten the putter. 

On the opposite end, you can encounter arc-shaped gates that you have to place by yourself, as they are not built into the mirror. These are used for ensuring that the ball goes through them, guaranteeing a straighter putt.

The be-all-end-all purpose for putting mirrors to exist is to improve body alignment and consequently, putt shots.

What Are Putting Mirrors Used For?

Golf putting mirrors are devices that are used as an aid to improve several aspects of golf that are crucial for becoming a proficient player. For the most part, they correct biomechanical alignment issues that stem from poor putting technique. 

For starters, they are used as a visual guide to perceive the potential trajectory of the ball more efficiently. As a mantra, the ball goes where the eyes go. Secondly, it is also utilized to align the putter in order to use the center of the putter’s face to hit the ball. In addition, they also contribute to the holistic improvement of the technique.

Another perk is that you can also consider a putter mirror as a fun training game that also sharpens your skills along the way.

These are some of the reasons why putting mirrors are one of the most versatile training tools you can obtain.

What to Look for When Looking for a Putting Mirror

When looking for a solid putting mirror, there are certain qualities you must be aware of. Along these lines we are going to mention a few ones:

Quality of Materials

All in all, you want to get a putting mirror that has a good quality build, with high-end materials. Given that you are going to use it frequently, it is better to consider investing in high quality for the long run. A bad product can create adverse putting vices too. 

Size of the Putting Mirror

Once again, the bigger, the better. Bigger putting mirrors will help you devise the ball’s course more coherently. However, if you go too big, you will sacrifice portability, which is something to ponder when buying a training aid whose main purpose is to be carried around. A 17-inch putting mirror like this one here will be a perfect fit for you.


If you want to get more bang for your buck you want to go for a product around the $70-dollar USD mark. It is a reasonable amount of money for a product that possesses the quality build you deserve.

Advantages of Using Putting Mirrors

Better Putt Control

With reiterated practice, your putting control will rise and shine. Using the putting mirror enhances your putting technique, as this element provides you with all the necessary feedback to correct your alignment when putting, a key aspect for mastering this part of your game.

Eye Alignment Will Get Sharper

The putting mirror does wonders with visualization. Even if you find yourself in an actual golf game where you can’t make use of this gadget, you’ll still notice that your hand-eye coordination will have improved by leaps and bounds.

Maxed Out Body Mechanics

Even when modifying something as elemental as the use of your sight when hitting the ball, the rest of your body parts will follow suit. Given that in golf any sort of micro-adjustments count, you’ll maximize the utilization of your body for putting purposes.

Endless Drill Possibilities

By having a putting mirror you automatically increase your number of possibilities for putting drill exercises. With the assistance of tees and gates, you can alter several aspects of your putting technique that would otherwise be left by the wayside.

Tons of Fun!

Let's face the facts. Constant repetition can become boring if you don’t switch it up from time to time. Adding an extra element to your training regimen will make you break free from your daily practice rut and add some fun to it as well.

How to Employ a Putting Mirror

It is a general tendency for golfers to hoard loads of equipment that they don’t really know how to use properly. Thus, here we will show you some steps to make adequate use of the putting mirror:

Align the mirror to the target line. A good read of the green’s speed will help in this department too. To determine the speed, you can use a stimpmeter. Once found out, align it.

Place two tees by the sides of both ends of the putter. You can even mark the ball to sort out the line properly. By doing this, you are guaranteed to have optimal putter alignment.

Assume your posture for your shot. You want to have your shoulders parallel to the chosen line.

Use the mirror as a visual tool. Your eyes have to cover the mirror’s target line and the ball’s trajectory, right above both. You must be able to see your face reflected in the mirror, and it should be squared with the target line.


Are Putting Mirrors Worth the Investment?

Yes! However, you can observe that the upsides of having a high-quality putting mirror are vast. It is a very useful and fun item that is certainly going to improve your putting capabilities, adding an element of variety to your day-to-day practice. For further tips on golf equipment, go to

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