Are Putting Golf Mats Worth It?

Life can get cumbersome and hectic at times. You know how hard it can be to keep up with everything; from daily errands to work and other duties. Regarding hobbies, it seems as though every single day we have less and less time for them. This can be problematic if you enjoy golf, as it is an activity that demands considerable time.

However, you can get a kick out of golf without having to go to a golf course. And no, we’re not talking about vicariously watching the PGA Tour on TV. We refer to something much better. You can hone your skills from the comfort of your home, for very little money. We are talking about putting mats. Are they worth the investment? Here we will tell you everything you’ve got to know about them.

What Are Putting Golf Mats?

Putting golf mats are instruments designed for practicing the skill of putting. They are devices that hold similar characteristics to your everyday putt, albeit properly crafted to be fitted for domestic purposes. 

Most of them consist of a carpet that has a surface that resembles the one of brick-and-mortar putting greens. Yet, you can find the added bonus of areas with different scores, and “holes” situated in different places for you to experiment with different kinds of shots and strategies.

It’s as simple as unrolling it, using it as much as you wish, and once you are done, rolling it back to put it inside its bag.

You Can Get More Repetitions Out of Them

Golf is a sport that involves copious amounts of precision, and practice makes perfect. This means that if you practice enough while correcting yourself along the way, you are bound to become great at it.

You are yet to see any pro or even amateur golfers that get to the course, putt the ball with one single stroke inside the green and hole it with little to no practice. Unless we are in the presence of a prodigy, chances are this is unlikely to happen. 

The more practice you can get out of your sessions, the better. One great way to ensure this is to get yourself a putting mat. Getting yourself a golf mat is a practical way to get many flight hours on the simulator for cheap.

Your Putting Stroke Gets Better

As a direct consequence of constant repetition and practice, your putting stroke will naturally evolve as well. Hence, if your putting game is weak, or not as good as you consider it should be, it is paramount to get yourself one of these. Combining the use of the putting mat alongside proper putting drills will increase the chances of improving dramatically.

Many mats also possess markers and lines. These help you position your body better and align yourself to the putt shot. By enabling yourself to use a better initial position, it will become easier for you to deduct the possible paths your ball is likely to take. This will create better putting habits and better overall results.

As a perk, you can find many beneficial putting drills on phone apps, instruction manuals, or Internet videos. By taking this interactive approach, you are guaranteed to have much more fun learning something worthwhile.

Putting Mats Are Much Better Than Domestic Carpets

Although practicing on your regular carpet can feel somewhat good, it has some negative aspects that you otherwise wouldn’t have with a putting mat. One of the main points of concern is that even if you get a nice, solid putt going, the ball is still likely to wobble and weave when you hit it. This fluctuation in trajectory will undermine your confidence, as you won’t be sure whether the carpet was the culprit or you. On the other hand, it will create unfavorable putting patterns to compensate for this.

Another key nuisance is the distance. Carpets tend to slow down the ball too quickly. In order to make up for this, you may feel tempted to apply more force than you usually would, thus creating the harmful custom of overshooting your putt. On the flip side, if the nap is too tight, the ball will travel too fast! Therefore, it is of utmost relevance to get a putting mat to sort these inconveniences out.

Your Confidence Will Heighten

With repetition, confidence surfaces. Being in diverse scenarios increases the chances of becoming more adept in adverse situations when putting. The more you practice, the more confidently you’ll stave off any potential shortcomings.

Putting frequently helps you build mental endurance, which will come in handy for not cracking under pressure. The high demands of golf when it boils down to focus and skill make or break a golfer’s ability to withstand any possible bad streak, or to keep good ones going.

Distance control management, as well as force outputs, will become second nature once you get yourself a putting mat. 

Even though mats are fantastic ways of getting practice under your belt, not all mats are created equal. You should get one that covers your specific needs, and that encompasses the largest number of drills possible, like this one here.

What to Look for When Buying a Putting Mat

When looking out for mats to purchase, there are elements they need to bring to the table to gauge that they fulfill your needs:

Quality of the Putting Surface

Good materials will provide a favorable experience when it comes to mats. Make sure to look for mats that have a good rolling surface. When it comes to speed, try to find one that matches the same stimp measurement as your local course.

Size of the Putting Mat

This will largely depend on your needs. Generally speaking, larger mats make for more versatile tools for several drills. Anything from 7 ft to 10 ft is your ideal measurement. You can go shorter if needed, though.

Durability and Storage Capabilities

Mats that are easy to roll and that do so tightly corroborate that you can carry them around more easily. Invest in quality to prevent any material breakdowns.  

Are Putting Mats Worth It?

Putting mats are definitely worth the investment, as they will make you an overall better player. Your putting game will definitely see upgrades if you incorporate daily putting mat drills into your golfing routine.

On a side note, you should opt for high-quality mats. You can go for as cheap as 50 dollars USD. However, you’ll be sacrificing quality. If you want a quality mat, you should aim for the 150 dollar mark USD. In regards to features, any targeted mats with ridges or inclines may add to the experience. If they also bring guides, that adds to it as well. Make sure to go to to get equipment that suits your golfing needs.

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