pro path training aid mirror

From beginner to seasoned veteran, the love for the game goes hand in hand with progressing as a player over the years. Our goal at back 2 basics golf is to assist golfers of all skill levels in mastering both the approach and mechanics that go into each swing. We chose the phrase "Level Your Game Up", to embody an optimistic tone, with a hint of playfulness when it comes to the process of learning.

Where other brands in the space have focused on highlighting the most acclaimed pros, we take a more personal approach, to encourage the average player through frequent, friendly pointers, general golf news & innovation. 

Although we are serious about improvement, we believe the process can be just as fun as it is effective. An occasional joke or golf humor post/meme goes a long way in addressing conflict areas without being confrontational or offputting; we understand all things worthwhile take time, and we should enjoy the process. We embrace a patient mindset and try to offer a hand when we notice patterns or specific obstacles in our customers' experiences on the green, and social media.

Behind the Brand - PGA Professionals

Back 2 Basics golf was founded in 2019, yet our passion and ties to the game started long before we ever began making golf products. Long time golf enthusiast, and founder of the brand, Nick, began taking golf lessons from Richard Woodhouse and that would change the future of golf training forever.

PGA Professionals Richard Woodhouse, and Grant Field came up with the original Pro Path putting mirror in casual talks, they recognized the need for high-quality golf training that was able to assist players games around the world at scale.

Nearly a year of development and rigorous testing, we were ready to launch our first line of proprietary Pro-Path putting training aid mirrors and line of merchandise. We are currently focused on getting involved with the community, creating high quality educational content, putting drills, and sharing our passion for the game as we learn and grow.
pro path golf putting training aid mirror